Comic relief


One of the nice things about dogs (versus, say, children or other humans) is that they don't get indignant when you make jokes at their expense for all the internet to see.

One of the nice things about being easily amused is that one can find herself entertained for hours with an inexpensive piece of software and a few well chosen photos. Click to go to the full sized image.





Those pictures are too funny!!! I love that software!!!

omg these are HILARIOUS. I absolutely must acquire this inexpensive software and make absurdly captioned cat pictures alllll weekend long.

Love it! And it is nice how they don't mind what you write, and on the flip side, don't push for more presence on you blog too! (yeah, my kid wants to know why I don't feature more of her on my site).

"We didn't think you'd notice..." Oh, snap!

I'm so glad Thea has accepted him with open arms, puppy play is a beautiful thing.

I love the Pepe Le Peau (sp?) reference, he was my favorite as a kid.

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