One last post about the wedding




I love the socks. Congrats!

Love (1,000,000). :)

All beautiful!

You two are so radiant. :) Congratulations again.

I love his shoes and your socks! You are such a beautiful couple! *hugs* :)

I love it. I had a big wedding and sometimes wish (especially during the planning) that I would have done something more like this. You two look so happy and absolutely perfect for each other. Congrats!

i'm so touched by these photographs. humble little weddings are my favorite kind. so personal. i lover your purple shawl and hope we hear more about it.

Every time I see photos from your wedding it makes me smile. You all look so happy and I know the kids are glad they're finally legit!

How beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Love the sock - and the shawl! You both look so happy - congratulations!


So beautiful! Thank you for sharing: Love your dress and shawl, the groom and best man's accidentally matched shoes, your dad's tie, that your mom was the officiator (how cool is that?!), and that your best furry friends were a part of it all.

what a lovely occasion! Congratulations :)

Congratulations, Marnie!

I caught by breath! I was married 25 years ago in a small Oregon coast wedding near Haystack Rock... but "mine" was the one a few miles down the beach at Pacific City! ; )

You look amazing.

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