Everyone has a talent


My brother won "Crowd Favorite" for Partial Beard in the World Beard and Mustache Team USA competition.

He has clearly put that double-major in physics and philosophy to excellent use. Congrats to my rather hairy baby brother.


That is the awesome-est thing I have seen yet today. Now I will start my work day (as opposed to my day which had its start quite some time ago) with a skip in my step and a smile.

There is a Team USA at a Mustache and Beard Competition?! And the uncle of my 2 favorite internet dogs was a crowd pleaser?! Now that's happy stuff.

Thank you!

How could he NOT be a crowd favorite! Just look at him. The jacket. The hat. The sneakers. Teamed with that beard?! He's the whole package! Congratulations Marnie's brother!

Holy cow that is some serious facial hair. I didn't know they had competitions for that. Off to tell all my bearded friends....

a-ma-zing. just made my day. :)

Ahoy there. That's an impressive one. All he needs is a stuffed white whale to lug around.

The moment my boyfriend grows a beard/mustache, people start calling him Chuck Norris. It is thus not allowed.

Nicely done, congratulations to him! At least it's an interesting hobby :-)

Well, he most certainly should have won. The other guys' beards were scrawny and they had bad choices in shoes.

Thank you for a smile and congrats to your bro. The jacket really makes the ensemble. I think he should have won; he is not only the one with the most facial hair…but the best dressed as well. :)

Who knew there even was such a competition?

You never told me your brother was a salty sea hobo!

Ok, this is just awesome.

Very cool - he has a sea captain look about him. And a double philosophy/physics major? Very impressive!!! I remember seeing annual stories about this competition years ago (when I was a little kid) & always thought it was kinda neat.

Wow! To think so much talent has been concentrated into one family... its just not fair :)

That is awesome! They had the World Beard and Mustache Championships in Anchorage, AK last year and my boyfriend and his friends went up to make a short film about it. My little brother entered and one of my friends won (I think 2nd place) in the Whaler category. The Beard and Mustache Championship stuff is a blast!

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