The Spring/Summer 2010 Twist Collective is up and it's visually stunning and filled with amazing designs. I was lucky enough to have two submissions accepted and will do a blog post for each.

The first piece is Damariscotta.

Original Damariscotta Sketch

Named for a hard to pronounce but lovely little town in Maine, near where my dad's family has land. I'll sometimes fly out to Maine to go to the Fiber Frolic with my mom, and we'll all stay at a little cabin that my dad built on the land there.

June 2009 -- Maine

Having grown up in New England and having spent plenty of time in Maine, I associate the area with a love for the ocean, a rather pragmatic sensibility and clean and structural design. I strove to capture those qualities in this top.


The piece is knit from the top down with instructions for an entirely seamless construction, right down to the double-knit hems that are grafted closed. I've also included instructions for people who might run at the sight of the words "graft" or "double-knit" so don't despair if that's not your cup of tea.

I also think this piece would be magnificent with a simple lace border around the hem and sleeves, instead of a finished hem shown. A wee bit of single crochet would prevent any curling and it would turn this simple piece into something worthy of a pretty pencil skirt and heels.

While I love the idea of a deep angled square neck (image it over a pretty little lace tank,) I knew that wouldn't suit everyone and that is why I chose the top-down construction instead of my preferred method of knitting bottom up. Keeping in mind that the single crochet will pull in the neck a little, one can simply throw the live stitches onto waste yarn and try the piece on to determine the most comfortable and flattering neckline depth and width.


Once you work the neckline you like best, you can shape the torso to follow every curve or leave out the shaping altogether for a more relaxed fit. The sleeves can be worked the same way, and can easily be lengthened to fit your climate and preference.

So that's Damariscotta for you. I hope that those of you who like the design will enjoy knitting it, and if it's not your style, I have no doubt there's another piece in this edition that will catch your eye.

Check out this and all the other beautiful patterns in the Spring/Summer 2010 edition of Twist Collective, by going here.


I saw this and loved it. I'm concerned that it won't look as good on me, so I may not be doing it soon, but it is a wonderful design!

I was very excited to see that Twist was up this morning, and immediately had to sit down and browse through it. Your patterns are beautiful; the shaping is so graceful!

You are so disgustingly talented. I'm jealous of you and grateful that you share. Congrats on two patterns in one issue.

Love it - have to go check out Twist!

Love your other design also although I can't see knitting it for my largish body in fingering weight!

Funny, I never thought of Damariscotta as hard to pronounce until you said something. It is a lovely place (not hugely far from where I grew up) and it's a lovely sweater too!

I saw that you had 2 designs, congrats! They are both lovely. :)

Simply beautiful!
I don't know if many knitters realize how time consuming it is to design a true fitted garment. This is a gorgeous example, a timeless piece that I'm sure will be popular.
Nice one Marnie, I'm a fan.

That design is just wicked hot. (Ayuh, I DO know where Damariscotta is...)

Congrats, Marnie! I'm in the middle of doing an anti-aircon cardigan, but this design will be next on my needles. I need something sexy to get my mind back into summer.

What an attractive design. As always you create the most magnificent and detailed patterns. I adore the other design too. You are so blessed with talent. :)

LOVE me some cap sleeve action! Definitely going to knit this one. SA-WEET. :)

Beautiful crafting as always.....
But that cabin is a real stunner, just look at that view.....I dream of living somewhere like that.

Ń—Puedo tomar Foto de su sitio


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