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August 9-14, in beautiful Stirling, Scotland, is UK Knit Camp 2010 and I have been asked to teach there. A tutor had to drop out and the good folks at British Yarns asked if I'd be willing to put something together.

I couldn't be more excited. The list of tutors is amazing and varied, offering a huge assortment of classes for almost any interest. My only regret is that I won't be able to take any of those classes.

You can check out the details of my courses here.

The first class is in MS Office for pattern writing, where I'll cover topics I've discussed in my Excel tutorials plus some extra tips and tricks including wrangling all that information in Word. If you like hands-on learning, instead of just reading things on a screen, I think this class will be a great pick for you. Since classes are held on a university campus, we'll have access to classrooms with computer workstations so everyone can follow along.

Sign up here.

I'll also be covering the use of Adobe products for pattern creation, including my Illustrator tutorials on chart and schematic making. For people who have access to these applications at home or an ability to apply skills learned with Adobe products, to an open source alternative, I think this will be a fun class and I hope to be able to cover some extra tips and tricks including some InDesign skills, in the class.

Sign up here.

And lastly, I'll be doing a class on knitting La Cumparsita

La Cumparsita

We'll discuss the basics of knitting a triangular shawl, how to read the charts and relate them to the work in our hands (ie, "read your work") and how to make the piece bigger or smaller based on whatever yarn and yardage you have on hand.
Sign up here.

I really hope that I'll see some of you in Scotland and I'm looking forward to organizing my lesson plan and classroom handouts for the event.


Oh, noes! Well, that is, Oh, Yay!! Except I've spent my holiday money on tickets for Knit Nation (a fortnight earlier, in London) instead. :(

Well, you never know; I might win the lottery! Have an awesome time up in Scotland; the scenery's better there anyway.


Yay! I'll get to meet you!

What wonderful classes those will be! I wish I could go. I'm so glad you get this wonderful opportunity to share your knowledge and vision with others. *hugs* :)

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