I talked about Damariscotta in my last post. This time, I'll be talking about Cecchetti.

Most of my designs are either inspired by a detail I've seen around which I build a garment or they are an interpretation of a theme or idea someone has proposed. In this case, Cecchetti may somewhat fit the former category but in many ways it's an interpretation of a sort of nostalgia I feel for things that aren't so much a part of my life these days.

Cecchetti Original Cecchetti Sketch

I'm a little bit bottom heavy (perhaps "pear shaped" is a more acceptable description) and I have always found drape neck designs, with their delicate folds of fabric framing the face, to be quite flattering on my figure, especially layered under the many suit jackets I no longer wear, now that I work from home. (I'm not complaining, working in my PJs with my dogs by my feet, beats looking fashionable, any day of the week.)

Inspiration for Cecchetti

Along with the subtle drape at the neck (for which I provide notes in the pattern for modifying it to be more or less draped) I also tried to capture the aesthetic of the warmup clothes my classmates and I used to wear when I (long ago) took ballet lessons. I was amazed at how overly long sleeves and leg-warmers, would make one's extensions and arm placements look even longer and more graceful. Cecchetti has a little more ease than those pieces I used to wear, and the soft, decadent silk and merino yarn is surely not meant for sweating and leaping, but the vertical body darts, sleeves that slip past the base of the hands and the hip length all serve to elongate and flatter the body.

I think that people who knit this piece will find it very comfortable as well as flattering and very easy to modify as you go to get a good custom fit. As with most of my designs, it's knit seamlessly in the round, including the set in sleeves. And do not worry about it being all in reverse stockinette, the instructions allow you to knit it either right side (purl side) out or wrong side (knit side) out.

Check out Cecchetti or any of the other beautiful Spring and Summer pieces over at Twist Collective.


It's lovely! A little too snug at the waistline for me to wear, perhaps. (Hello, I'm an apple.) But it's still gorgeous.

to be honest, i hadn't given this design a second glance whilst perusing twist, but now that i've seen it on you, I've definitely changed my mind. now i've gotta check out my stash for summer yarns. pears rule!

This is one of my 'must have' designs from this spring - and I think you nailed the aesthetic perfectly. As someone else who danced loads growing up, the name of the piece spoke to me, as well as the draping. Also? Nothing against the Twist model, but I think they should have used you for your designs. They fit/suit you perfectly (and bottom heavy? No! Hourglass!)

The design is lovely and looks lovely on you. Plus, what could be wrong about a sweater in that yarn? :)

Wow! Cecchetti is stunning on you! It is such a lovely sweater and I totally can see how the drape extends the body and creates a more lithe appearance. Another masterpiece. :)

This looks amazing on you!

I agree with Bloepper - the pix on TwistCollective didn't do your design justice. But seeing your sketch & the photo of you wearing it, it looks fantastic!

Unfortunately I'm not pear-shaped (well, actually, I AM pear-shaped... but it's an upside-down pear - broad shoulders, large waist, narrow hips) so I don't know how Cecchetti would look on me! I'd love to give it a try - any tips for modifications as I go along?

Thanks for your lovely designs!

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