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Sometimes being a slouch is just fine. Normally, I love knitting fitted, figure hugging designs that appreciate all the fantastic curves we women have to offer but occasionally, all I want is something comfy and slouchy and relaxed while still being appropriate for human interaction. (I've heard it's frowned upon to go out in public in your robe. Go figure.)

Remember Freudian Stitch? Long since ripped, it's now become this.

Slouchy Silky Wool Pullover w/Fireplace Slouchy Silky Wool Pullover w/Fireplace

It's a simple design with plenty of ease and a huge scoop neck that can be worn on or off the shoulders. The cowl is gently flared to allow it to drape loosely at the neck or be worn across the shoulders, as desired.

The simple cable running up the front and back has been scaled down to run along the sleeves as well.

As I've noted in the past, I just love working with Silky Wool. The tweedy color, subtle texture and crisp hand, make for a lovely fabric and the light weight doesn't add bulk and is suitable for most seasons.

I'm not sure if I'll offer a pattern or not, that'll depend on time and customer interest. It's not a complicated piece but I would be offering several different cable charts to ensure that the scale of the cables fits the larger sizes so the cost in time and tech editing would be a little higher than usual.

But hey, this is my first official knitting photoshoot in the new home. It's silly but it feels a little momentous to me. Even the girls got in on the fun.

Slouchy Silky Wool Pullover in Yard


I think it's a really adorable sweater. It achieves the comfy-yet-I-could-wear-this-out-to-dinner look. =)

Wow, that is beautiful!! And I love Silky Wool, too!

the house looks great, and I like the sweater a lot! I tried a neckline like that once before and it didn't go well, but I am thinking how it is cast off can make a big difference in tension around the neckline?

I saw this on your Rav page, it's gorgeous!! So is your house.

I have an addiction to cowl necks! I would love this pattern if you would want to write it up. I also have an addiction to fireplaces, and yours is lovely!

Beautiful! (And the fireplace is fab.)

Gorgeous sweater - I really like the colour. I hope you release the pattern.

Love Silky wool - am always astonished how well it shows cables because it feels like such a loose, drapey yarn.

Congrats again on your new home - enjoy decorating! :)

Very pretty! I hope you release this pattern too!

I think this is very elegant and flattering Marnie...looks so comfy too!

Very nice and just the sweater I am looking for. Will it be offered in an issue of Twist Collective?

ooh i love it! the color and the style are great on you. i really like the cowl neckline a lot.

So gorgeous... Exactly the sweater I want ;-)
I hope you'll publish this pattern in Twist Collective...

Love the sweater - definitely interested in buying the pattern. It looks so comfy yet not sloppy. And I think it would flatter many different body types.

love it - would definitely buy the pattern - I can see that sweater on myself or either (or both) of my DD's. great design - comfy yet not sloppy looking. it would flatter just about any body type.

Love the sweater - definitely interested in buying the pattern. It looks so comfy yet not sloppy. And I think it would flatter many different body types.

One more request for the pattern - it looks great, flattering, and I can see this being a sweater I keep gravitating to throughout the wintertime.

This is so beautiful- and beautiful on you! I could see a real demand for the pattern. Just sayin'. ;) xo-S.

I love that pattern. It looks really wearable and I can't even imagine how hard it is to change a cable pattern to accomodate different sizes.

On another note, holy cow! That's an awesome house you have there, That fireplace? That yard? Wow...

Squee! Sorry but you MUST PUBLISH!

I'd buy this pattern. I love comfy sweaters and this is stylish too. There's a reason you're my favorite designer.

ok, here's the deal. i'm broke, but i'd scrounge up the $$ to buy that sweater pattern! that would look good on ANYBODY (including dumpy lil ol me!)

can you have it out soon? pretty please?

with sugar on top?

I love the design too. You look great (as usual!)in this lovely sweater. Hope you are getting settled in the new house.

Love, love, love the sweater! Please publish it!

Lovely sweater - I do hope you publish the pattern. If you need a test knitter, I'm happy to offer my services!

I would most definately knit that! It's beautiful!

Chiming in with dittos: beautiful place, lovely pattern. Maybe it's the way you wear it, but the sweater seems to combine feeling comfortable and looking good. If you offer the pattern, I will get it.

The sweater is beautiful, the girls are beautiful, and the house looks beautiful too!

But I've got to know about the jeans! LOL

I would ABSOLUTELY want to knit that, particularly if it were offered in plus sizes. Consider this customer interest, as I'd be thrilled to buy that pattern!

Wow! I love that sweater.. would totally knit it if you offered the pattern. And what gorgeous floors!!

I love scoop necks. And that sweater looks so comfy and warm... Looks just right for the winter season.

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