I've never been a morning person, but this new house might just change that about me.

From the bed, the other morning, this is what I saw.


Look closer and you can see Mt Hood rising up through the clouds.


We may not have much furniture, but things are pretty smiley all around.

Thea during sunrise View from the

Also, I finally broke El Matchador out this weekend for a spin on the deck.

Lazy Sunday on the deck


What a lovely day :-}

Ah, you guys are having so much fun in the new house. I love it!

And that morning view is a million dollar view! Nice going!

Wow, Marnie. The view of Mt. Hood is just stunning.

i want a photo tour of the new house, please! :D great view!

Congrats on your new home, Marnie! What a beautiful view.....

Oh, that is so AWESOME. I wish we got morning light in our bedroom, even though my view is of my neighbor's back yard. :/

Gorgeous! I love the morning light though. Sunrise is sort of the fantastic ideation portion of the day for me. Thinking about all that I might accomplish. Of course, once I finish my first cup of coffee, reality sets in. But enjoy your morning view!

What a beautiful view! Everyone looks very happy there! I'm sure you will love it. It sure makes a difference when it's your own home.

Wow - that site out the window might turn me into a morning person too (who am I kidding - nothing could do that except sleeping outdoors & sharing a room with my granddaughter)! The view out my bedroom window is the back yard, the garage & a rat's warren of townhouses (38) built in the empty square in the middle of the block (they had to get a variance to build on property that doesn't have direct access to a street.) The girls sure look happy with the new home!

Congratulations on the new house. That view is pretty amazing; it must be hard to wake up on the wrong side of the bed when you wake up to a view like that!

I love your blog and especially the pictures of your dogs on th beach. One thing that puzzles me though is why Leo seems to prefer Thea, I say this because I have noticed that every photo taken with Leo and a dog it is always Thea and not Panda. Is Panda pushed aside by him and is she jealous. Sorry, but both should be treated equally in my eyes.

What a gorgeous view! Congrats on the new house.

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