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Well, I'm still trying to catch up from being away from home, but the trip was, by all accounts, a great time.

June 2009 -- Maine

Maine is beautiful this time of year. And if you can find yourself a properly sized hamster ball, in which to travel, you might even survive the mosquitoes.

My parents brought me to Halcyon which was lovely and fantastic and where I found a book on Scottish plaids, which contains my own last name. All was going fine until mom proclaim, aloud, that I was a "famous knitwear designer," and that I had been on tv. She brought visual aids. Dad, of course, contributed to the public shaming. I am pretty sure that if people have to be alerted to the fact, it pretty much tells you everything you need to know about how famous you are. Bad parents, no cookie. But thank you to the staff at Halcyon for being so gracious about it.

Also, in New England, you can get a properly made clam roll.

June 2009 -- Maine

They don't make 'em like this anywhere else. FYI, "clam strips" are not even food. If you are going to eat a clam, you should be committed to eating the whole thing. I may, perhaps, have strong opinions on this topic.

The Frolic was great, as always. It's just the perfect sized event, with a little of everything but never too much.

June 2009 -- Maine June 2009 -- Maine June 2009 -- Maine

Do you see that wee little goat? I held her too. She was warm and snuggly and oh so cute. I think I want a goat. In case you are wondering, yes, my mom knit her sweater. If you go over to the flickr set for my trip, can see a few more shots of it, though I neglected to get a full on view of it.

I made off with a few goodies, of course.

June 2009 -- Maine

The green is a cormo cross that Amy had at her booth. I don't see any on her site and I'm not sure if this will be a regular thing but I hope it is because I can see this being a favorite. I also got that beautiful purple merino/tencel blend from her. The red is a mix of merino, sari silk and sparkly that I go from...somewhere. I can't remember, but I love it. It's being shipped back to me, so I'll post the source when I spin it up. And lastly but not leastly the newest member of my Golding collection. This is another super light model, about 0.5 ounces, and as always, it spins beautifully.

I began spinning the cormo on my new spindle, on the car ride back from the Frolic, because I just couldn't wait.

June 2009 -- Maine

As great as baby goats, clam rolls, spindles, fibers and family are, being able to see a dear friend, I haven't seen in 5 years, who now lives in Hawaii and who just happened to be in New England the same weekend, was really the icing on the cake.

June 2009 -- Maine

Yes, we are laughing because we are both, *ahem,* well rounded individuals in at least one regard.

So there you have, much merriment and a small effort to boost the economy in Maine, and the trip is done. I feel refreshed and am looking forward to all my goodies making their way by post, to my front door.


Sounds like a great trip!! And correct about the clams. You are too funny with your 'rocking world go round' :)

what a fun trip! i bet maine is gorgeous in summer. welcome home :)

It looks like it was a great trip (any travel where fibre is involved has to be good)

Looks like a great trip! I agree on the Clams. Great that you got to hang out with another friend!

Ah.. we missed you all!

Oh I soooo want to go with you next year. M and I are thinking of places to go when the luster of LA rubs off and both Portlands are on the list. It looks gorgeous, but it's good to be forewarned about the skeeters. You can forget about them living in the land of dry buglessness.

Agree with you on the clams - although am a west-coaster and have never had a clam roll! Try Doogers (Cannon Beach) razor clams - you get the whole clam and they are awesome!

Marnie, Marnie ... I believe the critters that bit and bit and bit were black flies ... I lived in Maine for 9 years and grew very allergic to the bites ... they are relentless and cruel ... in that once the long winter finally ends the black flies arrive and make it very difficult to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Maine is for the very strong.

oh, this makes me think of our trip to Maine last summer! it sounds like you had a blast. We stopped at Halcyon too - I made Jacob stay for HOURS. hee.

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