When weaving met knitting


linenskirt_side linenskirt_front linenskirt_back

The weaving/knitting combo is coming together and I like it. The woven part has been washed and dried and I washed and dried a knitting swatch to determine my final gauge, so don't be alarmed by how open and baggy the knitted portion looks right now. That should firm up and better match the woven portion.

Also, the plaid needs a good pressing.

Tomorrow, I head off to Maine for the Fiber Frolic where I plan to treat myself to a bit of gorgeous fiber and maybe even another spindle. Oh and, of course, I'll get to see my parents too, which is always a treat.

I won't be taking my laptop along, which is a first for me. It seems like it'll increase my chances of relaxation. Hopefully, I'll come back with a bunch of pretty pictures to share.


Have a lovely time visiting Maine and the fusion-piece looks promising.

This is looking very good indeed!
Have a great trip!

ooh fun! i love the skirt. have fun in maine!! :D

I've been mulling over kniting and weaving fusion projects since I got my RH loom at Maryland Sheep and Wool this year. I love your idea and can't wait to hear your pros and cons on the project. My cotton warp yarn from Webs just arrived today. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for the tip :)

Very cool--I can't wait to see the finished product, but in the meantime, the mannequin is looking very stylish!

Love the combo together. Oh! What if (for us non-weavers) we alter an old ready-made plaid skirt? Waistband or at hem?

Very interesting! Can't wait to see what you do with this. Hope the fiber frolic is great. Next year I want to go with you!

Oooo, I love the combination of the weaving & knitting!

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