Loved by the sun


It was a nice dry weekend, after many months of wet weather which means we could no longer put off domesticating our somewhat feral back yard. See here's the thing, in most climates, your lawn requires a delicate touch. You cut the grass long enough to hold in the water it seems to eternally thirst for, and you gently tread across it, being careful not uproot it's slender blades.

Portland grass grows like Homer Simpson's scruff. Seconds after a you've cut it down to the dirt, it's already shaggy again. Leave it for a few *cough-months-couch* and you've got yourself a jungle.

Mowin' the Lawn
1. Overgrown Yard, 2. Dorkus maximus, 3. New Mower, 4. Crazy Thea, 5. Rude little scamp, 6. Thea in front of flowers, 7. What did you say?, 8. Can we come out NOW?, 9. Fetch on a freshly mowed lawn
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But everyone deserves a break from manual labor and we took ours on our front steps, basking in the warm midday sun. I assure you, in those shots with Panda on the floor, she was getting belly rubs just before. She wasn't being left out.

Lovefest on the front steps
1. Sweeties in the sun, 2. Sweeties in the sun, 3. Sweeties in the sun, 4. Sweeties in the sun, 5. Sweeties in the sun, 6. Sweeties in the sun, 7. Sweeties in the sun, 8. Sweeties in the sun, 9. Sweeties in the sun
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Your sweeties are just the cutest!!! Great pictures - thanks for sharing them. They really put a smile on my face!

Your girls are just the cutest!!! Thanks for sharing these adorable photos - they really put a smile on my face!

I love that your dogs match! And your guy is such a cutie with Thea. :)

For non-whippets, I gotta admit your dogs are pretty cool. These pics and your paw pile make me homesick for our snuggly numbskulls.

The grass (and dandylions) grow overnight and the spiders become bionic too. I'll come out to my car at the end of my work day and some optimistic spider will have started a web off the side-view mirror of the car.

I've left the shovel against the side of the house for a few hours while I do something else and come back to...another web being started.

why do ihave guns & roses running through my head?

That looks like my back yard!

aw, those shots with Leo and the doggers are SO sweet. and it looks like they love the yard!

I am in love with your sweet doggie!

So lovely girls...
So cute...
Juste continue to take so beautiful pics...

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