Isn't that Wallace's favorite cheese


Any other Wallace and Gromit fans out there? And if so, did you know that Shaun has spun off his own series?

How is this even remotely related to my ostensibly craft themed site? Here's how:

Wennsleydale - Perfect Storm

4 ounces of Spunky Eclectic Wennsleydale Longwool in colorway, Perfect Storm. That's right, Wennsleydale, as in Wallace's favo[u]rite cheese and the one thing that keeps him from true love. I get it, Wallace: cheese is full of the awesome.

This fiber was a gift from my dear friend, Julia, and it's my first interaction with Wennsleydale Longwool. Wow, what a delight to spin. It's a little courser than the types of wools I usually choose but not unpleasantly so. It'd certainly make for a great layering piece and it's a dream to spin. I spun it semi-worsted, but man alive does it have some loft going for it. I bet this stuff would keep you mighty warm in the winter.

This is about 170 yards of 3-ply using a chain ply method to maintain the color shifts. After washing, this poofed up to nearly a worsted weight.

But this is only my most recently finished yarn. I also spindle spun another 130 yards of the merino blend, I posted about before.

Merino/Silk - spindle spun

And I spun 2 ounces and 150 yards of Mongolian Cashmere/Silk in a three ply as well.

Cashmere Silk

Let me tell you, silk is soft, cashmere is softer, but the two are just naughty when combined. I don't think there's another word to describe how soft they are. It's a warm glassy smoothness with a bit of sheen. Heavenly.

And just because I can, more of all three yarns.

My handspun yarn
1. All my recent handspun yarns, 2. All my recent handspun yarns, 3. All my recent handspun yarns, 4. All my recent handspun yarns
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i have a shaun the sheep figurine on my office desk. ;)

Wow, you have really been busy! My spindling is so slow compared to yours. It takes me about a month to spin up 4 ounces on spindles. *sighs* wish I had a least for plying.

I remember an interview with Aardman, who said he had Wallace like "Wensleydale" and "cheese" because it made the most pleasing mouth shapes, which is also why he has Wallace stretch those words out, even though he normally speaks quite briskly.

We were just talking about Wensleydale cheese last night! Now I can't remember why (except that the pizza we made already had 3 others!). Love W&G.

Love love love Wallace and Grommit!
I just watched "A Close Shave" the other day - for the 40-thousandth time, I think. I'll have to replace my videos with dvds one of these days, before I wear them out. Which would cause heartbreak...
Beautiful yarn!

Huge W and G to see the latest 30 min episode at Christmas in Scotland "A Matter of Loaf and Death"......
Love the yarn too!

We are huge W & G fans - it's not easy to come by the TV shows, though. We did order some genuine Wensleydale (which, as I understand it, was singlehandedly revived from obscurity by the show) from the UK once - yum!

Oh yeah, the yarn is lovely, too!

I LOVE the red/pink one. Very nice. I wish I could spin but I am all thumbs and awkwardness. Sigh...

I ADORE Wallace and Gromit! I have the little figure of Gromit in the armchair, knitting. I cherish it, and I searched for it, forever online. Thanks for the tip about Shaun and his own site. Love it. I'm envious of all of the yarn! Gorgeous.

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