Dulce De Leche


The spring issue of Twist Collective is live and guess who has a little pattern there.

Dulce De Leche pattern
Photo copyright Caroline Bergeron

It's called Dulce De Leche and it's made with 1/2 N 1/2, a wool/milk blend. The piece features flattering body darts and subtle gathering at the neckline placket and sleeve hems. The garment is worked from the bottom up, in the round, with no seams. The set-in sleeves are worked from the top-down, also without seams.

Dulce De Leche pattern Dulce De Leche pattern
Photos copyright Caroline Bergeron

If you are interested in the pattern, you can purchase it here.


Beautiful! And the yarn is intriguing, I have never used a milk yarn.

This is absolutely stunning. Probably my favorite design in the collection. You have once again proved your design genius & understanding of the female form :)

Love it :)

I love this pattern! I was wondering if I could ask a question about the yarn. Ravelry lists it as fingering weight but its suggested guage (and yours in the pattern) seems to be dk. I am in the UK and so will probably have to sub so was hoping you might be able to tell me where you felt it was, weight-wise. Don't worry if you can't! And congrats on such a lovely pattern, hope the dogs are proud. x

Love it! Although I missed that it was made of milk fiber and was wondering why it wasn't cream or caramel colored. But it's gorgeous - love the sleeve styling.

I saw that, Marnie--it's beautiful!

This is beautiful Marnie. The shaping is perfect - you are a genius!

This is also one of my very favorites in the issue. I second Victoria's question above about the yarn weight....if you could post any comment about the "half-n-half" yarn and any possible subs (DK or sport or fingering), that would rock. But no hurry, and no worries if you can't.

You have too, too, too many awesome patterns out there, Marnie!

Hi Sylphette,
Here's my response to Victoria:

The recommended needle size for the yarn is 3.5mm to produce a 22st for 4”/10cm width, which is definitely lighter than a DK weight, I’d say.
I would look for something that indicates a similar gauge for a 3.5mm needle.

Such gorgeous shaping! That's definently going on my "to knit" list.

Congrats and the pattern looks lovely.

Beautiful design. And I'm really picky!

beautiful, marnie! i love the color and the shaping is really cool. the yarn sounds interesting too. i've never heard of it!

Hi Marnie - I already saw the sweater on Twist Collective & love it - great style - I think it should flatter almost every size & shape of woman. I'm going to buy it when I get back from Palo Alto (I bought the little girl dress & the doll patterns right away so I have something to give my granddaughter when we get to PA.) [Just noticed - bottom up in the round, almost no seams - you sure know how to win my heart!]

wonderful marnie, as usual!

Simply put, it's just gorgeous! I really love everything about it- the shaping, the gathers, everything! :)

I was delighted when you posted, because I have wanted to support you in thanks for the gift of your teaching, and hadn't yet found the right pattern for me. This is the one! Thanks so much--I can't wait.

Such a great pattern! I just love the shaping and the cute sleeves! You've outdone yourself again! :)

I LOVE THIS TOP!!!! Thanks for another cute pattern! I was wondering about the gauge of the yarn, myself. Thanks for explaining that above. Love the top!

Marnie: Congrats on the pattern in Twist. It's really fabulous, I like the feminine henley styling and the color shown is fantastic. It's in my list of things to knit for sure!

It's just lovely!!!

As the mom of a Brownie Girl Scout I had to laugh when I saw the name. This is the same name of the new caramel covered cookie sold by the girl scouts this year.

A pattern this lovely is sure to be a winner. Congratulations.

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