Weaving this scarf was addicting. I literally dreamed about finishing it for the 4 days it was on the loom.

My first woven scarf

1. Blue and brown scarf , 2. Blue and brown scarf , 3. Close up of blue and brown scarf, 4. Blue and brown scarf
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I'm still getting a hang of the selvages which are really all over the place in this piece, but I think that will improve with more practice, which I'm happy to do.

I'm not sure that Kauni is a great warp yarn. There were a couple of times when the warp seemed near breaking and one time when a part of the warp was actually drifting apart where the manufacturer had made a join, but it's such grabby wool that I was able to loosen the tension and just felt it back together. Honestly, even if I knew then that this wasn't a great warp yarn, I'd still use it because I love the way the colors work up.

Project Specs

  • Yarn: Kauni, two separate colorways; one blue, the other brown
  • Length: about 72" (not counting fringe)
  • Width: 11.5"
  • Loom: Rigid Heddle (Ashford)
  • Dents Per Inch: 7.5
  • Weight: 114 grams

I'm looking forward to my next project, whatever that may be.


Great job, Marnie. Just gorgeous! I love the color choices; they make what is a pretty simple pattern sing; it looks so modern.

it's so beautiful, marnie! and you made it with stash yarn! score!

Its beautiful! You did a great job!

I love the way the colors merge in the squares! This is just beautiful! :)

The scarf is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe it took you only 4 days. Wow!

Soooo pretty!!!

Oooh,I have visions of Thea and Panda adorned in their own MacVera tartan jackets. Of course, those might be the firs tartans to bear skull and crossbones, but they would be beautiful.

Lovely. Gorgeous the way the colors mesh together.

Oh, I really LOVE that scarf!!! I too struggle with selvedges - try using the floating edge warp trick, it really, really helped my edges.

i love it!! i have a table loom someone gave me that i have been dying to try out.

Fantastic scarf! I'm totally addicted to handwoven scarves as well...except I seem to keep giving all of mine away. Must weave one for myself one of these days. I love your Kauni idea. Looks great!

Wow! The scarf is truly beautiful and you finished it in only four(!) days. Excellent job. Can't wait to see what you make next :-).

wow! beautiful! I'm impressed. The whole new window open to design consideration must be exhilarating! A whole new way to approach color, texture, drape... and dreams of ways to make rectangles work together...

This is adorable! i'd love to try weaving some day! :)

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