Ridiculously Long Scarf


Purple and Gray Plaid Scarf Mosaic
1. Purple and Gray Plaid Scarf, 2. Purple and Gray Plaid Scarf, 3. Purple and Gray Plaid Scarf, 4. Purple and Gray Plaid Scarf
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I couldn't go to bed, last night, until I finished this scarf and I'm glad I did. These photos are pre-washed. It's now drying so I can use it tomorrow for school, if it's cold enough.

One of the nicest thing about the loom is that I can stash bust. This yarn has been languishing for years, waiting for a good project, but I didn't really have enough yardage to do anything interesting with it. Go loom!

Project Specs

  • Loom: Ashford Rigid Heddle
  • Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Inca Alpaca in colors 1182 and 1103
  • Width: 8.5"
  • Length: 87" plus 6" of fringe on each end.
  • Weight: 166 grams / 5.9 ounces

I definitely haven't mastered getting an even selvage, and my warp tension is still a little uneven, but the yarn is very forgiving, so it's not too obvious. Next project will be a scarf for Leo.

And for my less crafty friends out there, here are some silly videos of my girls being awesome, inspired by videos that Mary-Heather and Mai have posted in their respective flickr accounts.

Do try to ignore the trunk junk and wrinkly jammies.


Kudos for the videos posted for your "less crafty friends." I just consulted with Chewie and Shadow (and they chanelled Juno for me) and the consensus was that Panda needs and obedience addiction intervention, and Thea is on the edge! At the very minimum -- get some carpet for those girls! :-) lots of love.

Okay. I ordered mine. Please stop posting your work. If you don't, I will die.

hooray for puppy videos! you have very lovely trunk junk, silly!

one of these days i'm going to learn how to weave, quilt, and spin!

Just writing to say that I love your dogs. I visited some time ago and today I could not resist the temptationto say!
Ops! I also like your work, dear!

Oh, we want to play the Panda-Thea game too!

Such a lovely scarf! I'm glad you are enjoying your new craft. The pups are just so cute and it was so nice seeing them in person like that. :)

I SO love your cute dogs :-)

Ha, I love how you can hear Panda early on in the Thea video, barking "Settle down and do it right!"
Gunfight at the OK Corral has always been one of my favorite dog trick sequences, we knew an aussie shepherd who would ham it up like crazy. Such good girls you've got.

Your dogs are awesome. The tricks our kids can do would make for a very short video.

Also, hooray for badunkadunk! ;)

OMG, what great videos, especially Panda's. :) I don't have a real video camera, or I'd get some of Jasper too.

Oh, and the weaving is looking good too! I have GOT to get weaving again.

Panda and Thea look great! (Thea reminds me a little of my puppy, Zero. He's just 1 now, and has too much energy for long trick sessions.)

Maybe I will steal this idea and make a video of him doing some of his tricks. We're currently working on "roll over".


Love, love, love the posts of you and your dogs!

Thank you for sharing!

PS What classes are you taking?

Not only are the girls beautiful, but talented, too! I never noticed Thea's black patch on the base of her tail before. Cute! I love your scarf, too!

Beautiful scarf!
I love the video's! I should make one of my dog with her newly acquired tricks from obedience class.

I am smitten!

OMG those videos rule!! (Um, the scarf too... ;)

Thea is hilariously anxious to give the paw.

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