What I'm doing when I'm not doing thing I can't show you.


I finished spinning the One Wild Night roving I got from Mary-Kay last year. The 4 ounces yielded approximately 500 yards of 3-ply worsted weight yarn that I'm knitting up into a long skinny scarf. I will probably also make a pair of mittens to go with them, time permitting, and if I'm really motivated, a little hat to boot.

But first things first, the scarf:


The piece is worked in linen stitch which is worked kind of like ribbing, only every other stitch is slipped. This results in a lovely soft transition between rows, as the color from the previous row is carried up into the next row, every other stitch. I thought that would be perfect for yarn that already had fairly subtle gradations between colors. This stitch would also work great in something like Noro.

scarf colors.jpg

The final fabric has a woven look on the right side and a sort of seed stitch look on the wrong side. The seed stitch really highlights the unevenness of the handspun which might bother some people, but I'm going to consider it "charming" and "rustic."

I'll probably work a little i-cord edging around the piece to even off the edges, or maybe single crochet. I haven't decided.

Of course, the knitting pictures are boring without a certain you-know-what. This is for my friend Erica who always chastises me for draping stuff on Panda's head.

panda and scarf.jpg panda and scarf 2.jpg

Oh you can all just shush, she got so many kisses after that, she hardly remembers the embarrassment.

And seriously, look at what the rest of her life is like:


Yah, life is tough, around here.

With all that I have on my plate, it doesn't leave too much time for other projects, but I did start some more roving on El Matchador.


This is the absolutely exquisite bamboo/merino from Blue Moon, in colorway, Eggplanted. I kind of want to marry this roving. And yah, that's Thea's blurry butt in the shot. She's just checking to make sure there's plenty of dog hair on the floor. Wouldn't want to run out.


Oh Panda! I'm coming to get you soon. Hang in there darling! >^..^

Chappy's life is similarly difficult....

From the look in Miss Panda's eyes I really think she enjoys playing model, especially with all the bonus kisses

I went to the Blue Moon site and couldn't find roving, by fiber type.

hehe isn't it thea's turn to get tortured??? :)

You can tell Panda knows she is getting kisses for modeling. You should see the looks I get when I make my dogs go out side IN THE RAIN to potty. Because it's RAINING! And to potty they have to get WET!

And they just consider it abuse. Ears back, tail tucked. Pathetic looks back in the house. I'm not sure if they want me to let them potty in the house, or turn off the RAIN!

It is going to be a long winter.

Jasper doesn't seem to mind modeling too much. Bouncer usually looks a little abashed.

Both boys got baths today in preparation for our trip to the mountains to a dog-friendly cabin for a couple of days starting tomorrow. They both got really frisky afterwards, dancing around each other and play-bowing and running around the living room. :)

I've GOT to try linen stitch sometime Real Soon Now. It looks so nice, especially in a scarf like yours.

Holy Cow! That picture of the two of them sleeping on the sofa is to die for! There's no better thing in the world than a sleeping warm dog. Except two, eh?

Panda's got to do some work for the kibble, right? ;) Or at least that's what I say when I'm doing something similarly to my pets.

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