The new Twist Collective is up and I think you'll agree that it's a fantastic issue. There are so many great designs by so many great designers.

My own contribution is Dietrich


Photos copyright Caroline Bergeron All Rights Reserved

Layout by Twist collective.

Dietrich is a simple felted cloche with a subtle, asymmetrical brim. When I told Kate I really wanted to adorn it with a feather, she said it was a great idea and said she had just the feather, if I hadn't picked one out already. I think she did an amazing job styling it. I love it.

The only problem with designing felted items is that you can't know if you got it just right until it's too late to undo what you've done.

The hat starts big and floppy

dietrich1_pre felting.jpg

The first version had a VERY dramatic brim, which is fun, but not as practical, so I knit a second version, that you see in the pattern shots, and kept the original to play with.

dietrich1_embroidered2.jpg dietrich1_embroidered3.jpg

Using a simple back stitch, I embroidered some vines around the brim. I found a ribbon that picked up the shades of the embroidery and added that as well. I think it's cute and I'll definitely find more excuses to embroider on knitting.

Dietrich not your thing? There's oodles of great content over in the winter edition, so go on over and check it out.


Congrats, Marnie! Dietrich is adorable (exceptionally so with the feather)!

Love the hat! I'm heading right over to check out the pattern. I do think the links to Twist Collective are broken in the post, but I'll find my way there on my own.

BEAUTIFUL! I've been wanting to try felting. Do you think this would be a good one to start on, or should I go simpler?

I was worried about you because you hadn't posted in so long, but when I actually got over here, I realized that the problem is with bloglines. Good to see you having fun and being happy. The cloche is great. That whole issue is incredible.

The hat is beautiful! I saw it when I flipped through Twist and wasn't the least surprised to see your name on it.

Oh my. That is wonderful.

I saw you had contributed, so I went to Twist first to see what you had put up. I was quite surprised; I don't think I would have thought that was yours. Personally, it's not my style, but I've been so eager to try felting something, so I'm searching my list of family to see who I can possibly make this for. It's somehow very elegant and fun at the same time.

DARLING hat - Kate was spot-on about the feather, but I like the embroidered brim, too. Makes me want to go out and get my hair bobbed!

Gorgeous as usual!!!

How funny. Just this evening my daughter asked me to get her a cloche hat. I'll have to show her this one and see if she's interested!

marnie, it's beautiful! congratulations :)

i've seen some who think it's not your style. i think it's right up your alley! how does the $$ thing work with twist? do you get any of it?

wonderful! wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...

I love your designs.

The hat is fabulous!

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