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It's the rainy season here in Portland. Like all other weather, the girls consider it perfect for a trip to the ocean. Who are we to disagree? It was chilly, overcast, but with unexpected patches of blue clear sky.


With such unpredictable weather we had almost the entire beach to ourselves.


The tide was really high but shallow


A little slice of heaven.

How does the most graceful and demure puppy respond? With grace of course. She appears wise:


Holds her head high


And she keeps all four feet planted firmly on the ground


But Thea wasn't the only one expressing herself.


Today topped out at about 54 F/12 C, not exactly bikini weather.


Yah, that about covers it.

See all the pictures here.


I LOVE the pictures--especially the juxtaposition of those two maniacs in bathing suits dashing past the two of you, all bundled up ... And the girls, of course, look delighted!

Of course you girls are right... any weather is perfect weather to go to the coast!

As always gorgeous photos. I understand liking to go somewhere when most folks are somewhere else. My favorite time to visit the zoo is in the winter (very not-popular in Chicago!) - the animals are so much livelier than in hot weather &, truth be told, I feel livelier too! No tarrying around. Sometimes though, the majority is right - it really is not a good idea to visit southern Louisiana in the summer - at least for a hot weather hater like me (it's not only hot but they have the largest flying bugs I've ever seen - ewwww). Have to say I love the bikini wearers - I'm too old for it now but many years ago, I did on occasion bathe in icy mountain streams - very invigorating!

OMG, are those people crazy?? Brr!

omg - did those people actually jump into the water? def not bikini weather!

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