Eggplanted in front of El Matchador


I can't get enough of this roving.

eggplanted card and singles.jpg

Love love love love love.


The colors are really rich and the way the two fibers (bamboo and merino) take up dye, produces a ton of depth in the singles. Also, I love purple.

eggplanted fatter singles.jpg

The first bobbin has about a sock weight singles on it. The second bobbin (currently in progress) has a much thinner singles, maybe lace weight. My plan is to ply the thick singles with two strands of the thin singles, fed from a center pull ball, though I might just do a single strand of each singles. I'm kind of on the line about it.

I love this colorway so much, it makes me sad I don't have more time to spin, but it's a nice little treat when I need to rest from my deadline work.

And since we're talking spinning, I thought I'd show you my pretty calendar from Spindlicity. Janel sent it to me along with my payment for the neck warmers I designed.

spindlicity calendar.jpg

This will be going up right next to my computer, in the office. It's a lovely reminder that El Matchador isn't my own spinning tool, in the house.


i love purple too - it's beautiful!! your spinning is so even!

That is gorgeous yarn. I am also a fan of purple & love bamboo blends because of the sheen (& incredible softness). Bamboo & merino must be heavenly soft!

I too love purple and have lost - LOST - my most recent purple handspun. I'm so sad over this....but yours is gorgeous!!!

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