2 weeks is too long to go without your friends


For over two weeks, two of my 3 feeds have not been updating in Bloglines, despite repeatedly contacting them for support. Google Reader would show updates and my feedburner feed that uses my primary feed, was updating in Bloglines (that's the 3rd feed) but the two directly out of my blog, were not updating.

I was sad.

I missed you guys.

So to any of you who haven't been by since before the election, welcome back. Sorry for the backlog.

To those of you who have had no problem getting my feed, well, here are a couple of shots from Thea's first trip to the beach back on April 29, 2007, for my your enjoyment.

IMG_0041.jpg IMG_0042.jpg
IMG_0073.jpg IMG_0046.jpg

Aww, puppy.


Bloglines blows. You're the third blog (at least) that has mentioned Bloglines not updating for weeks.

i've been here! bloglines does blow, though. that's why so many people are switching to google reader, i guess. hi thea!

i have ab out given up on bloglines. you're about the 5th blog that they aren't updating (to include the yarn harlot!)

i got caught up on my own, although bloglines slapped me with 200 of your OLDER posts a couple days ago. go figger.

That happened to me a few months ago and no one at bloglines replied when we complained. I think it's a case of getting what we pay for. Thank goodness google reader seems to work.

Doogies! :D

You wern't the only one, whatever they fixed yesterday I got all of your posts, and yarn harlots posts and another one I can't remember. I hadn't even seen your really cool halloween post!

i thought it had been oddly silent in this area. glad you are back. :)

Thanks for the Thea time capsule! What a little cutie she was (and still is). Just the kind of cheery thing I needed on this very cold November day. Puppy at the beach...mmmm....

oh my Tiny Thea! She's beyond precious!

I must be the only person left that actually visits the websites of the blogs I read. I have them all bookmarked. I guess I'm a luddite. LOL

We had similar trouble with one of our main feeds as well a month or so ago, too. Ugh. Such a pain!

Thea has grown so much; such a pretty little girl, as is Panda. :-)

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