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You know that YouTube thing that's all the rage with the kids today -- the ones who won't pull their pants, up, turn their music down, and get off my lawn? Yah, well sometimes those kids make these talkies and they post them on the YouTube and a subset of those ain't half bad.

Whilst perusing one day, I found this delightful knitter. Actually, it was a while ago that I found her but she's only recently outed herself as a knitter, so, VOILA, it's now legit fodder for the knit blogger (poetic license in effect with that near-rhyme.)

So here she is, singer, song writer, ukulele player, and hat knitter, Julia Nunes

That was one of her own songs, but she does some beautiful covers as well.

Gone -- Ben Folds Five

Survivor -- Destiny's Child

Keep Fishin' -- Weezer

Adorable, no? Adorable, YES! And she's clearly talented.
Go check out all her videos here.


darling ! thank you for this - love her ..


she's brilliant! loved it! thanks for bringing her to our attention.

omg she rocks, and she's so cute

that first video is great! and i love gone by ben folds. i totally relate to those lyrics.

awesome. i am in love with her!! shout out to crazy knitters!

Adorable! This girl has some talent. I love that first video. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Aw, you know I'm a sucker for pretty girls who aren't afraid to be goofy, thanks for all the vids; I'll definitely be subbin' her channel. Heh, heh, if you know what I mean. *cough*

Cute as a button & seems really smart too. She faintly resembles what I can imagine my granddaughter looking like in another 15 years or so. Love her style.

OMG - she is SO CUTE!! Thank you for the videos - I am watching them all now - adorable!!

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