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When I first found Schmeebot's blog, I came for the Waffles, but even now that the photogenic golden has moved away, I enjoy my regular fix of delightful images. Recently, though, she gave me even more reason to love her blog, she's a member of the Axis of Evo. Woohoo!

Once I mentioned my interest in joining the brigade, she challenged me to a hot-pants-design-off. Well, that makes it sound a little more competitive than it is. Really we're just both designing some boy shorts and I'll be offering the pattern for free. Yipee!

Here's my initial sketch.


And Schmee's great sketch is here.

I've code named this pattern, "Asses of Evo" but I'll need a more family friendly name for the final pattern.

The pattern will be worked in Elann Esprit in "Coffee Bean" and "Pecan" to be a sort of inverse of Charles Darwin's original drawing. I also picked up some "Wine" and "Natural" that I might use to knit a second pair, if the first come out well enough. For those who don't want to order from Elann, Esprit is the same as Cascade Fixation.

Surely, you are all awaiting, with bated breath, a chance to knit up some evolution themed hot pants, right? RIGHT? Sure you are.

Also, on a somewhat related note, I plan to do a new tutorial, sometime soon, on colorizing your sketches in Photoshop and using the program to play around with color combination.


go booty shorts. i will squeeze my ass into a pair of these in order to support evolution. cannot wait.

I was just about to say I really love the look of that sketch :) I look VERY forward to that tut!


I like the original name, actually - although I *might* have a little trouble selling it to my mom...

Can't wait for the photoshop lesson, that's so generous of you!!

Way to emphasize the assets. I love it!

Those are too cute! I think Darwin would love it...I'm glad your having fun with the design! :)

I was highly amused when I read about this over at schmeebot/flickr -- I may need a pair of evo hot pants ;)

Leave it to you to comw up with lil' shorts that actually tempt me. Sadly, my current state of ass affairs isn't worthy of such cute shorts, but this will give me extra incentive!

LOVE them! And the name! Although I understand your desire to change it... Darwin was the best. And I'm psyched for the colorizing tutorial -- it sounds useful, although I use the Gimp, because it's free, but maybe I can translate.

Oh wow! So cool. Thanks for the great design and I can't wait to see these knitted up!

One: hee! I'm already in love with these shorts!

Two: I think MJ nailed it. How could anyone not love a pattern called "Asse(t)s of Evo"?

Three: IME, Esprit is *similar* to Fixation, but did not have as much snap back power. I do like and use both, but that's just a tip for anyone who may be listening.

I can't wait for this pattern! I have been wanting to knit Allusion again and a pair of hotpants to go with it is just what I need!

woohoo, marnie! woman after my own heart.

perhaps you could show us how to sketch (like a star) before the colorizing?

If those hotpants will make my tush look as good as your sketch, sign me up. Hell, I'd wear it regardless. Can't wait for this pattern.

I'm too old & too chunky to wear hot pants but I can really see wearing them around the house or to bed with a tank top in hot weather. I love the design & I love the whole Darwinian theme.

You know I'm up for some hot pants and that if you were somehow to get them off the needles way fast I would even model them nine months pregnant for you. :) That is the great thing about boudoir wear - it really doesn't matter how your tookie lookies - it's all in good fun. Personally, I think Asses of Evo should stay. Family friendly, family schmendly!

The hotties are just too cute!
Knitters unite!
All of us with wide assets can change the world!

those are awesome.

Wow.. sexy underpants in the making!
We love your Blog so much that we have nominated you for an award!

Evolution themed hot pants? BRING IT ON!

(I've got a terrible, ugly, fat ass, but I'd totally wear those! At home of course...under clothes. In a paper bag!)

As for the makeup bit? I TOTALLY feel you. I’ve never really felt the need to wear makeup on a daily basis. Not only is it expensive but it’s tiring to do so I don’t either.

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