Asse(t)s of Evo* -- Take 1


I think I'm going to massage the design a bit by adding in a slightly different shaping at the crotch area and tweaking the tree so it's not so stretched, width-wise, but the first go is looking pretty cute, I think. The second pair will be in a wine color with either white or black trim. I'm still deciding.

The side:


Darwin's tree spans the side of the shorts, taking advantage of the additional length in back for the very top of the tree.

The back:


The back is nearly 2 inches longer than the front, thanks to short rows at the top and bottom. The instructions will give info for customizing this shaping.

The front:


You can really see how different the length is in front, from this view. Let me tell you, the 2" isn't nearly enough to account for my, ahem, assets.

And to Cher's point about Cascade Fixation not being exactly the same as Elann's Esprit, she's right! I have some of both here and Fixation is a bit springier. However, it shouldn't be a problem, for subbing in this pattern, so when it's out, if you have fixation around, it'll be a suitable replacement.

* Thanks to MJ and Cher for coming up with a PG rated version of the name I wanted. My mom also suggested "Intelligent Behind" which is pretty darn funny too. I come by my punniness, honestly.


Those look great! I especially like the frilly trim.

Cute!! I've been meaning forever to take apart a well-fitting pair of underwear to figure out how a good crotch is constructed, but I just can't bear to part with them... In any case, yay for Darwin!

Intelligent Behind is an awesome name. they are looking very cute at this point :D

O hai! Have I told you lately that I love you?

'Cuz I do.


I love these! I have some Esprit.... I want to make them!

As an evolutionary biologist and a guy, I just have to say these are the best things, ever. You're the best, Marnie.

I love it! I don't suppose they would make an appropriate Christmas Present for my son's girlfriend, though? She's the only person on my gift list who would be an appropriate model for them...

Very cute!
I'd definitely make a pair or two of those.

Looking good! I like the ruffly trim. I think white trim on wine would look nice...

Those came out great! I love the tree design and the contrasting trim at the waist and leg.

Your mom is a hoot!

These are awesome! Can't wait to see the wine-coloured pair.

man, i was hoping we'd get to see them modeled! ;)

I am so lovin' watching these evolve! :)

So where's the modeled photo ;p

So cute! I love that you allowed room for a little junk in the trunk!

These are so cute! No, seriously!

If my jazz-funky teacher keeps making me do jumps with my elbows to my knees and then throwing my body to the floor, well, hell, I might end up with an evolved-enough ass to rock those pants.

And since, I kid you not, the choreography is set to the Pussycat Dolls (Jeeeeezus) I guess hotpants would be just the thing....

Just so you know, you are the ONLY person in the world who could get this 41-year-old to wear hotpants. Now, that's talent. :-)

panda cotton is also a similarly textured and elasticated (or is that elasticized?) yarn. i bet you could use that too

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