The first edition of Twist Collective is LIVE.


I'm so excited to be a part of this project. My pattern, Lily is available for sale if you are interested. It's a variant on the piece I knit for myself, a while ago.

I can't tell you how much I love the philosophy behind Twist Collective. Even if Lily doesn't appeal to you, I feel positive you'll find something to love in this magazine.

Please consider supporting your favorite designers and the brilliant people behind the scenes at Twist Collective by visiting the site, purchasing patterns and clicking on the ads. And also, YAY!


Wow, Twist Collective is so lovely! I saw a lot of patterns that were very tempting . . . I may just have to indulge. Just a little.

I'm so glad cold weather is coming soon! Just a few more months! (Down here, you tend to look forward to the winter months--this summer's been like living in an oven!)

Cerebelle aka Tricoteuse on Ravelry

I love Lily. An lily-of-the-valley is my "birth month flower" so I may have to add this to the top of my already long Ravelry queue.

Congrats! It looks great! I'm guessing that if you did get downtown on Wednesday you were too swamped to do lunch - I certainly was! Ugh. I'm so glad that we at least had Saturday. I will be so happy to have work, etc. behind me.
Love, J

congrats, some really lovely things there.

I've always loved Lily! I've added it to my queue.
Congrats on being a part of Twist, the format and styling is fantastic. I love it, I've been through every page twice already.

What a great thing you've been a part of! I already bought three patterns and can't wait to see this really take off. :)

I saw that this morning and love it Marni. What an exciting knitting day! :)

coolest site. i am so glad you are a part of this. cannot wait to read more (i just browsed a little bit). wow, the CAL piece, seem so long ago now. smiles, amiee

I haven't had a chance to browse the whole thing yet, but the Footprints idea in one of the articles is pure genius. I can't wait to read the rest!

Lily is wonderful--how nice to see where she ended up after the Create Along!

The magazine is awesome. Love the photographs and the web site layout (and the patterns)! How cool that you're a part of the first one. And Lily looks gorgeous!

It's such a great magazine, too--I love its interactivity. I just wish that some of the photos--beautiful though they are--were better shots of the actual KNITS. A little less "art" and a little more "this is what the item you will spend hours knitting looks like." Although, of course, their pictures are gorgeous, so... !

Your pattern is great, by the way.

Congrats! Beautiful pattern! It really is a great resource and I've only just started poking through it all. And I think you are right, there really is something in there for everyone :-)

congrats!!! your sweater is beautiful!

Yes, Twist is awesome, thank you for enabling. And I have to admit, I Rav-stalked you for a little bit this afternoon. I thought, when I saw that pattern, that didn't you make something with lilies of the valley on it a while back? And I hunted down your projects, and said, a-ha. I have to tell you though, that I do like the neckline on your creamy one better than the green one in Twist. But, both of them are so awesome. Congrats on getting the pattern out there and spreading the word on Twist. This is gonna be so great! I just have got to figure out a way to knit faster though.

Yay! I'm excited to check it out. And, I love Lily - so glad it's in there. Too cool!

I was SO excited to see that top in there, I love it so!

congrats marnie!!!! I've been clicking every day to see when it was going to go live. Everything is beautiful and I can't wait to see what you contribute next!

It is very exciting...congratulations on being part of the first issue...Lily is gorgeous and Twist Collective is simply brilliant!

That's so awesome. And I totally love the magazine!

Missed meeting up with you this time. Maybe next?

Wonder pattern, Marnie... just lovely.

The magazine is great; much more than I expected and not only do I want all the knitted goodies, advice, but the shoes! (Yes, I'll take the hipwaders, too!)

Congrats Marnie! What a beautiful sweater....

Congrats on having your pattern in the premiere issue of such a great (and game-changing) online magazine! You've all done a wonderful job creating something special.


I had a good look through Twist last night and loved it. What a cool premise and really good design.

Very appropriate venue for your gorgeous knits!

I bought the pattern :-) Congratulations!

Yay, Lily! I am so excited about this pattern! I bought it and I can't wait to start it. Congrats on Twist - it's really amazing.

I'm lucky enough to have seen Lily in person. It's a lovely design and really flattering. I know it'll be copied in lots of wonderful colors and sizes.

marnie, congratulations! your pattern is beautiful. i thought the sweater looked familiar :)

Wow! Lily is beautiful! I can't keep up with all of your wonderful patterns! I'm still picking yarn for Astoria! When do you sleep?!

I really love Lily. I'm just trying to find the perfect yarn & color for me. I think it's probably going to be the next sweater, but probably cardiganized, cause CA doesn't allow for many pullovers :D Beautiful pattern, beautifully knit!

lily is lovely and one of my favorites. but if i knit sweaters i'd probably want to knit almost all of the ones presented in twist collective.

you guys have done a fabulous job with this online magazine. it's so pretty i wish it came in a print version

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Lily has been queued, bought, downloaded and printed!

It's beautiful! Congratulations!

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