Sam I Am Cardigan....Again


The Sam I Am Cardigan is complete, and I got way more length than I thought I would.

There is something truly satisfying about creating a garment from pure fluff (albeit, pre washed and dyed fluff, thankyouverymuch.) I simply haven't had the sticktoittiveness to spin up 1000 yards of a single fiber, so stripes are an obvious solution.


The finished piece fits well and is soft enough to wear near skin, which isn't surprising since it's mostly merino with some silk and cormo.


I don't think I'll ever use more than one button on this. It's how I wear almost all my cardigans, but I put in a whole set of them, just to leave my options open.


Speaking of the button band, I can never remember which way it should open for men versus women, so if I reversed it, I'm not surprised. I had a 50-50 chance to get it right.


I can't finish this post without including a shot of me wearing the piece. Here I am on our dormant lawn. Portland goes pretty hot and dry in the summer and it's a rare person whose lawn is actually green, but come winter, with all the rain and mild temperatures, it's lush as all get up. So, um, ignore the lawn, if you would.

Completely unrelated, but of great importance, there's a new pusher in town. For those of you who read JenLa, the La half has started her own little crack yarn line and I'm fortunate enough to have a sample of it. It's damn fine stuff, indeed. Think soft, smooshy merino in gorgeous and rich monochromatic variegated colors. I foresee quite a following for it.

It looks like she may be sold out right now, but keep your eyes peeled, I expect she'll be dying up more.


The sweater turned out lovely. I especially like the colors in thin horizontal stripes.

The sweater looks beautiful, and the colors are great for you!

Yes, my lawn is dormant, too. Your hydrangea behind you is pretty!

Your sweater turned out great. Love the colors together, and the skinny stripes!

... in the past i never knew which side to plan the buttons on - but then, once i readed a very simple explanation (but functions only in countries with right-hand traffic):

imagine a man and a woman in a car the conservative way (he is driving and she is sitting beside him) - then the pieces opens the way as both of them can comfortably put their hands on places where they shouldn't be during car driving ...

my best wishes, eve

Lol, eve! Your way of remembering button bands is way more entertaining than mine! I can only remember because I'm left-handed, and it feels wierd if the buttons are in my right hand while im buttoning (I.e., if I'm wearing a men's garment).

Lovely, as usual. :)

Great job! Wow that looks gorgeous on you!

I love this sweater! Great color combo and styling. My wheel has a small bobbin so I don't do big batches either. This sweater is a good example for me to combine my smaller hanks into a larger project. Thanks!

Our lawn looks the same. My kids keeping running over it in bare feet so it can't be too bad ;-).

Very cute on you! I especially love the sleeve length. :) PS: Our lawn is 10x worse than yours, so don't even worry about it!

I really like the colours and your stripe design is great. I like stripes but so often they aren't flattering, unlike here - nice work!

I'm in Victoria and the grass is brown here too. I prefer my yellow dandilions anyways and they're doing just fine :-)

Cute cardi - love the colors. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't remember which is the correct way to put buttons on for men/women. Maybe it's 'cause I wear so many men's flannel shirts in the winter.

WOW. I loooove that. You knit so fast!! (Or I just suck at finishing things, one or the other.)

It's gorgeous! Not at all Dr. Suessy in the final analysis. I adore it - great first (right?) handspun sweater.
Love, J

Sewing pattern instructions always have you make the button holes in the right front for womens' shirts and blouses. I expect it would be the same for cardigans!


The cardigan is gorgeous!

Saw the cardigan as you showed the pieces...and I was blown away how awesome it looked on you!

Awesome job! Amy

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