Sam I Am Cardigan


I was sort of on the line about whether I wanted to blog this garment, because I thought it could be something fun to submit to Knitty Spin or Spin-Off, but I've decided, what the heck, it's another top-down fitted raglan. If you can't find 450 patterns like it, you just aren't looking hard enough.


I'm calling it the Sam I Am Cardigan because it feels very Dr. Seuss to me, with the sort of wonky stripes. The wonkification (technical term) comes from using handspun yarn, of course.

sweater on.jpg

I've been working on this piece between deadline projects. It's good, relatively mindless knitting and it's in my favorite color combination, if you haven't noticed. The showcase yarn is merino in the colorway, Sage, from Spunky Eclectic. The purple is from Penchant to Knit, and the white cormo is from Black Berry Hill Farms. All three finished fibers have some seriously thick and thin qualities with the white tending to be thickest and the purple tending to be the thinnest. I'm amazed at how they all seem to come together into a cohesive whole.

I don't know how long the finished piece will be and I don't have a scale with me, in LA, to check on my current usage, but I'm a little further along and expect to be able to get half length sleeves, and the body at least a few inches below my waist, plus all the bands. I'm looking forward to diving into my stash of vintage buttons to finish off the look.


I had to include a shot of Julia's cat, Townes when I was over her house, knitting this piece. He was giving that yarn the hairy eyeball and when I tried the piece on later, he crawled up and grabbed himself a little pawfull. I guess I can't criticize his excellent taste in handspun.

In entirely unrelated news, my friend took me to see Diana Ross in concert at the Hollywood Bowl, this weekend. It was a lot of fun and crowd was nearly as entertaining as the performance.


When I grow up, I want to knit garments that fit me as well as yours fit you. It's really lovely!

I bet the Diana Ross concert kicked ass. I'm off to peruse your Flickr shots!

Very cute. And, I'm with Carrie about the fit...

Fun sweater! Then again, I am no stranger to wonkiness. ;) Love that Townes- he knows what's what! Hope work's gotten under control this week!

I can tell your cardi is going to be adorable when it's done. Can't wait to see the finished product!

That cat is just too pretty.

Cerebelle aka Tricoteuse on Ravelry

My mother was never able to teach me to knit so I'm envious. Of course that allows me buy yarn, take it to my mom's house along with a pattern and say..."pleeeeeeeease???"

Great pic of the cat.

I love it! So much! I mean, I love top down raglans. And I love cardigans. And I love stripes. But putting them all together at once has just completely escaped me until now. Now I want to cast on RIGHT NOW. But I'm at work, and while I have a ton of yarn that's perfect for my main color, I still need to figure out two contrast colors.

I like the stripes a lot!

Townes is so cute! Love the cardigan, by the way. ;)

Kitties have excellent taste in fiber so if this has met the approval of feline quality control, you have a good sweater going there.

Oh the little Nounie. The sweater is not at all wonky though a tiny bit Dr. Suess. You know I love the name. I may have to use it sometime.

that sweater looks like it could cheer you up on a foggy winter day, n'est pas? its quite cute Marnie.

Fun colors.

I had to write to tell you how much I love "Lily"! It's an utterly gorgeous design!

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