The weekend


We celebrated our friend, Todd's birthday.


I haven't been bowling in years.

The girls had their own victory dances.

IMG_0034.JPG IMG_0042.JPG

Todd bowls and Tracy poses.


If these scores were for golf, I would have been the winner.

During the party, I taught Tracy how to knit and showed Erica and Tracy how a spindle works. There are more pictures of both these activities, but I believe they are being held for blackmailing purposes of some sort. Little do these people know, I embarrass myself for hobby. No blackmail will work on me. HA!

Sunday, we did some grilling up a lot of yummies on our little outdoor fireplace doohicky thingy.

grilled veggies.jpg grilled veggies abound.jpg steakandveggies.jpg

The mushrooms and garlic were the best, but it was all pretty tasty.

Also, Thea is cute.



Okay, the grilling pics actually made my mouth water...and I'm not even hungry! PS: Yay, bowling! I totally suck at it, but it's so much fun. :)

How funny! We went bowling for the first time in forever on Saturday, and I had the same reaction to my score - "Hey, I bowled below par, I win!!" I think it was 57 the first time and 80 the next....which is embarrassing for someone whose high school job was in a bowling alley! But everyone had fun, and that's what counts - looks like you had a blast :-D

Great weekend!! Never thought to grill garlic. Mmmm, sounds delicious!

Bowling is such fun! Looks like Leo is a real Pro! I can almost smell that grill looks that good! And adorable as always! :)

Thea is so cute grinning at the camera. It reminds me of those grinning Chinese(?) cat statues with the one paw up. I'd love to learn to spin. But I don't need another hobby that I can't do while exercising or at work so I've been treating spinning like the plague...

grilled veg sounds so good right now, especially with the heat coming. i like your grill. and i like thea too. she is cuter than the grill.

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