It's the final countdown


If you are humming the background music to Gob Bluth's magic act right now, you are fine and dandy in my book.

But, I'm talking about something that fills me with even more glee.

A few months back, I was asked if I'd be willing to contribute to a brandly spanking new online magazine. I feel like I can't really do justice in describing all this magazine aims to do, but for the designers, in short, it offers the best of the worlds of self and magazine publishing. As a customer, you can expect gorgeous, high quality and affordable PDF downloads, of pieces designed by some of your favorite independent designers. These patterns will be beautifully photographed, expertly laid out and meticulously tech edited.

Am I doing a good job getting you excited about this magazine? Probably not. Instead, bookmark the Twist Collective site and see a new teaser image of a projects from the premier issue.


Just roll over a number and see the center image change to another Twist Collective graphic.

I have to tell you, I've seen a couple shots of the finished pieces and I think there will be something, maybe a lot of somethings for everyone. And, even better, each pattern will be available individually, so no more buying a whole magazine for a single design, you like.

Is this designer excited? Do bears poop in the woods? That'd be a big old "yes" right here.


OoooOOOooo...I'm intrigued.

I agree that there will be something for everyone, seeing most of the designs together was a lot fun and mostly consisted of me going "I wish I had time to knit this!" I love your's :)

Sounds interesting...I'll be keeping my eye on the site. :)

your arrested development reference, especially being gob bluth's magic show opening, made my day.

I went and saw the site and it looks intriguing, but none of the previews actually clicked through to anything for me; also, I tried to subscribe to the site but it doesn't appear to have a feed -- any hope it will have a feed prior to official launch, so I don't miss out when I forget to go check it? :)

Thanks for the heads up -- this looks supremely cool!

Very cool! Congrats :) It sounds very neat indeed; can't wait to check it out!

Ah, Gob. How I love thee. "I do my own banter."

oh how I love Gob.

this looks REALLY awesome. You've got me interested for sure!

Twist looks very promising! 'Can't wait for the launch - thanks for the heads up and keep us posted!

looks great!

Very cool. I am excited as a designer to see it and more.

Congrats for getting asked to participate on a new venture.

I'm intrigued! I LIKE the idea of not having to buy a whole mag just to get a certain pattern that catches my eye. :-)

Too cool! I'm looking forward to seeing it!

Hmmm, the javascript seems to not be working at the moment. I'll check back later though. And did you just imply that you've been stalking bears again?

Oh, wait....You were answering the first question, right?

It's totally exciting, isn't it? The people involved are all so talented. It will be fun to see the launch.

The bigger question is, is the bear wearing a handknit sweater or argyle socks while he does the deed? If the answer is yes, then sign me up!

Nothing worked on the site for me yet but I love the idea of online mags & just being able to buy what you want & save a PDF. I have so many knitting mags in my house that it's hard for me to find anything in them. I find organizing such stuff much easier on the computer (even tho I'm not very computer literate.

Wow! Thanks for the info - got it bookmarked!

The new mag looks awesome! I can't wait to see more of the designs!

I saw your sweater in the Media Kit package (I'm not advertising, just curious)... it is just lovely... can't wait until it launches... seems like a nice hole to fill from what Interweave is lacking now (sadly)...

Can't wait!

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