In which I show you some fiber and embarass my dog.


A super quick lunchtime post to show you some handspun yarn.


Spunky Eclectic 100% merino in Sage.

There are about 272 yd/248 m of two ply, slightly thick and thin yarn. I used mostly a supported long draw method combined with the spinning for speed and softness technique I've been practicing.

This is thick and thin partly because I did a little experiment with this fiber. For the first bobbin, I predrafted and spun, as usual, producing a softly variegated and relatively even yarn. For the second bobbin, I didn't do any predrafting at all, I just spun directly from the wad (technical term) of fiber. The roving is pretty wide, so I carefully directed the drafting zone back and forth across the expanse of unspun fiber, to ensure that each color change was worked completely before going to the next color.

The result is that bobbin number two has more intense colors and less gradual color shifts. I found it harder to spin an even yarn, but my technique got better as I practiced. From the picture above, I think it's easy to tell which ply came off of which bobbin.

There's something to be said for the instant gratification of just sitting down and spinning without any prep or much agonizing over a perfect yarn. Still, I think my technique could do with some serious fine tuning and my goal is to produce yarns that, if I saw it in a store, I'd want to buy it. I like this yarn, but it's a little thicker than I normally like to knit with, so it doesn't quite meet that expectation.


The singles were spun fairly lightly to keep their softness and were plied together with a little extra twist to help control pilling (I hope.) After that, I just gave the whole thing a wash and thwack and hung it to dry with no weight.


If Panda kills me in my sleep, I doubt anyone would fault her.


Well, who could possibly resist reading a post with a title like that??

The yarn looks beautiful (of course, you KNOW I love that shade of green, so I'm automatically biased). I think you did a great job ... I'm feeling a little uncomfortable, though. My spinning wheel is right behind me and I think it's reading this post over my shoulder. I've barely spun anything since April and I think she's moving into the angrily-neglected stage now...

And, don't be silly, Panda LOVES you!

Panda has already called me about possibly coming to live here ;-) Shadow is considering it. It's a good thing she loves you so much!!

What are you talking about? Panda is an experienced super model by now- she knows what's up. Gorgeous yarn too, BTW!

heehee, those pictures are so cute. do you often knit with your handspun yarn? have i already asked you this? or do you have a stash full of yarn that you've spun?

ohhh I want to hug panda, sooo cute Good dog!

Heck ya, if I saw that yarn in a store I would buy it (especially if Panda was included in the deal)!

I had to laugh when I saw the puppy pictures. Thea has that "Me too, me too!" look on her face! Poor Panda, you know she's doing it for treats.

And what is so obvious, your yarn is beautiful. I think your sss technique is improving by leaps and bounds.

You know, I think there's a support group for this...

Tee Hee Hee lovely yarn, it's a tough job but Panda's got to do it :) She loves helping you out, even if it's a bit silly, I'm sure.

the yarn is beautiful.

and Panda- if you just give a little scratch, down behind the ears and onto the neck- hunky dory, Lady.:)

Thea has quite a soulful gaze in that picture, doesn't she?

LOVE the yarn. Panda looks...thrilled. Sometimes I wonder why our dogs put up with us. ;)

gorgeous!! i love that color.

I've been reading your blog for a while; this is my first comment.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Your yarn is beautiful! I look closely at every picture of handspun that I come across on blogs, and you'll always find an irregularity. It's part of the charm of handspun.

You didn't buy any spindles at Black Sheep? I got a Cascade Little Si and one of the Spindlewood spindles. I just couldn't resist, even though I already have several.

Lovely, lovely, lovely handspun!! And what a lovely model too!! (Seriously the last picture makes me what to kiss her on the nose!)

I'd buy it in a store! I love just sitting down and spinning willy-nilly. My attempts at softness and speed are not nearly as impressive as yours, but it's fun to try!

Talented both you and the dog!!

Oh dear Miss Marnie ~~ I love your beautiful handspun. Is it spoken for yet ..... I would love to take it off your hands or should I say... off Panda's nose or neck???!

Wish I could learn to spin....

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