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My mom and I are in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, to see the Black Sheep Gathering. It's a lovely event, not too big but not the least bit small, either. It was really hard to leave for the day, but most likely a good idea that we did. There were more than a few fantastically beautiful spindles calling my name, and trying the Louet Julia is going to haunt my spinning fantasies for a while. I should curse Wooland Woolworks for having so many wheels out for test driving. Evil temptresses, every last one of them. But they were so nice, I can't be mad.

The sheep and goats (Parenthetically, I have a hard time distinguishing certain breeds of sheep from goats and am not diligent enough to actually read the tags describing each animal. So if I call something a goat and it's actually a sheep, that's just my own flakiness.) were endearing though I was a bit started to realize how much like Babe, the male sheep were. Yowza! No, I didn't snap any proof, you big sicko.

Anyway, a cute sheep in a coat, makes googoo eyes at me.


And two little goats snuggle up for a nap.


A few more cutie pies over on flickr, if that's not enough.

And if you want still more livestock, here's a little movie I put together to give you a feel for how loud those goats can be.

I swear, some of them sounded like sarcastic older men trying to mimic the sound of goats. It makes me laugh. I'm easily amused.

I also got myself some damn fine roving. I'm so in love with this haul.

IMG_0049.JPG IMG_0057.JPG
IMG_0061.JPG IMG_0062.JPG

And my mom treated me to a gorgeous new, hand blown, glass orifice hook.


For those unfamiliar with the purpose of an orifice hook, I promise, it's not at all what you are imagining.

And of course, my mom got a few nice things too.


All in all, a really fun day.


What a fun day! I'm drooling over your goodies, and I don't even spin! I want to, and hope to some day get a chance to learn.

The pic of the goats curled up together is too precious; and I think you nailed what those goats sound like, old men trying to sound like old goats. That's funny, especially since I can remember my mom calling my dad an old goat! ;-Þ

Oh Marnie, I am sooooo jealous. This is the first year out of about five that I have not made the trip to Oregon for BSG. Even though I live in Maryland (home of the famous MDSW), I simply love BSG. It's much smaller, but believe me I can always take home a huge haul of fibery goodness.

With the economy, it just wasn't in the cards for me this year. My cousin wants me to try and come out for Flock and Fiber in the fall, but I can't predict what will happen.

Your blog made it possible for me to imagine BSG and how much fun I'd be having!


Funny, I was hoping to go to BSG this year; I have a dear friend who lives in Eugene and I wanted to go visit her. Instead, she had already planned to come up to Seattle at that very same time with her family! Wacko timing. Anyway, I hope to go next year, but was there much yarn for sale or was it mostly roving? I'm not a spinner (yet?)... glad you had fun with your mom!

lovely photos! it looks like it was a fun and productive weekend :)

You really do take the BEST animal photos! I feel like I should shake some garlic in your direction & cross my fingers - that fiber is just too tempting & I have sworn to not succumb to the temptations of the spindle! I have too much yarn as it is! I need to spend more time knitting - not add to the stash!

So glad you had such a nice day, and it looks like you found some wonderful things!

Uh, Marnie, those white and black creatures are Jacob sheep.....not goats....

(by the way, that website above is fantastic to learn about ay livestock breeds, if you want to learn about them)

One of these days, I want to get to the BSG....sigh


OMG, I LOVE my glass orifice hook from the Ernsts. They couldn't be nicer people. It will be a terrific accessory for El Matchador!

Sounds like you had a good mix of shopping and animal-gazing at the gathering. Your haul looks really wonderful!

While I didn't make it to Black Sheep, I'm definitely thinking about going to Oregon Flock and Fiber this fall. I hope you are, too!

It was great to see you and your Mom. I loved that sweater you were wearing! Glad you liked the fiber. Oh, and goat-farmer that I am, here's a secret tip: tails up = goats, tails down = sheep. Simple and easy!

heheheheh you said "orifice"

We're back!
We have lots to catch up on!
But this is really cute, sheeps!

Damn impressive haul you got there and...Gah! Those pictures are too cute!

A bit late chiming in~

Looks like you had a great time! So wonderful to spend time with your Mom. Love the sheep/goats... adorable. The goodies that you both got are great! I would love to learn how to spin. Orifice, eh? tee...hee...

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