Oh brother


My brother, Matt, came to Portland this weekend, with his adorable girlfriend, Aileen.

IMG_0040.JPG IMG_0087.JPG

Their visit was a whirlwind of thrift stores and rummage sales and we saw very little of them but what we did see, was great fun.

Whilst M&A were off in distant towns, roller skating and buying This American Life paint by number kits, Leo and I were taking Thea for her first trip into downtown Portland to visit the Saturday Market (albeit, on Sunday.)


And while we were there, I was craving a hot dog, slathered in mustard.


Don't judge me.

Sunday, all the humans decided to see what sort of nightlife was available and Portland didn't let us down, though, admittedly, the crowds were much smaller than on a normal night out.

We had live Irish music, greasy eats and good beer, over at Kells


After that, we decided to do a little dancing at Boxxes, the club across the street from M&A's hotel. For some reason, two women came into the club, walked to the bathrooms, stripped to their unmentionables, and walked back out to mingle. After a few minutes, they put their dresses back on.


One wonders what necessity there was in going into the bathroom first.
There's also the general "why?" question that was running through my head.
But Leo and Matt didn't seem to mind.

IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0051.JPG

After shaking our bonbons a bit, we all headed off to our respective accommodations.

There's a lot we didn't get to do while Matt and Aileen were here, so hopefully they'll be back soon. I'll even forgive Aileen for not liking dogs, since she is so crafty (in the good way) and fun.


What a fun weekend! And I don't even know what to say about the 2 women in the club. I mean, the obvious "WTF?" comes to mind, but beyond that, I've got nothin'.

Some days a girl just needs a hot dog.

Well, now, that's a sight you don't see everyday (the women in the bar). ;-Þ

No doubt, if Aileen spends enough time around Panda and Thea, they'll convert her. ;-)

You and your brother look SO much alike!

oh, i miss kells. we spent many an evening there with a nice walk home to clear the head...tim and i have been known to enjoy a good pint or two. have you and leo checked out bridgeport brewery yet? they have the most wonderful pasta dish and great IPA. i cannot remember the pasta dish's name but it was twisted home made pasta and sooo good. when tim and i lived (basically) across the street we were found there too. now, it has undergone a major remodel but it is still a lovely evening out.

hahahaha! you are a clever girl to take a photo.

Sounds like you had a blast!! :)

You should come to Denmark for more of those "wtf?!" moments. Lately, DJs have been encouraging people (girls, mainly) to strip on the dancefloor. They can then win money, drinks or free entrance to the club on their next visit. On "foam nights" (where there's foam sprayed out over the masses) couples are encouraged (or maybe they aren't, but they still do it) to have sex, live, right there on the floor.
Of course, everything is filmed on cell phones by the 'innocent bystanders' and then spread out over the internet. And people ask why I don't go out much... :P

oh boy. i'm glad that my crazy years were before cellphone cameras and the internets. not that i ever stripped down to my underwear in a club. but i wasn't always on my best behavior. ahh the memories.

as for those girls, i think it was a dare.

those girls are ridiculous, whether it was done because they lost a bet, on a dare, or as a social experiment!
no judging here (regarding the hot dog). i am a sucker for chili cheese dogs from 7-11 ;)

Oh, I loooooove the Saturday Market!!!! I stock up on soap from the Soapman every time I'm in Portland. What fun! I hope Thea wasn't too overwhelmed. She looked like she was enjoying it in the photo.

What a great visit! Awww Thea downtown...what fun! :)

Thanks for being a lovely hostess, Marnie! Matt and I had such fun!!! We will indeed be back for another visit at some point. Hope you guys make it down here. Speaking of hot dogs, I'm way excited for the OC Fair coming soon. Fair food galore!

Dude your blog is all "Girls Gone Wild." ;)

I am very intrigued by these Paint by Number kits of which you speak, and also Aileen's cute headband. :) Looks like fun!

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