Sun damage


About a year ago, I bought a sweater's worth of Elsbeth Lavold Cotton Patine. It was on sale at an LYS and it was so soft and squishy, I just couldn't pass it up.

Well, despite the fact that I've had it tucked away in a dark corner, in a bag, the yarn is showing definite signs of fading from exposure to sun. It's subtle enough, that I can't seem to capture it in photos, but when I try the garment on, I see obvious bands of fading at the start of each new ball of yarn I add. The effect is one of belly cellulite. I'm quite sure that this is not a look I want to go for.


But, even though I noticed this a while ago, I didn't stop knitting it. In fact, I'm plowing along. Why? Because I have a really sweet mum. She's going to over dye my piece, when I'm done, to even out the coloring. She's been dying natural fibers, at home, and graciously agreed to throw turn my brown eyes garment, blue.


I'm sort of giddy about it. I think that the end result will look even better than if my yarn had been perfect to start with.

I didn't have a chance in my earlier post, to put up a picture of my Inspir(al)ed hat, but now that I'm back home I can show you this picture of Inspir(al)ed, having a moment with Thea and me.


It's good to have an assistant.

And finally, more tatting


I'm back to using the size 8 pearl cotton (the finer stuff). I just love how delicate it looks, next to the size 5 cotton. I'm a painfully slow tatter. That image above shows several hours worth of work. But I have these visions of trimming projects in tatted lace and I get so excited, I just can't put the project down. By the way, thanks to each of you who sent me resources and suggestions. I've been trying to take it all in and I know I'll be coming back, again and again, to revisit your comments and links.

I may have ordered myself some more tatting goodies from an online resource. I've used this site for purse handles, and now it's becoming my go-to place for tatting supplies.


That will be so lovely to pool your talent with your Moms' ! You and Thea look so sweet the hat too! :)

That's a gorgeous sweater!!! It will look fabulous blue, I think. Blue is my favorite colour, so it definitely will. :O) Love the hat too, and, of course, the Thea. I made the mistake of stopping at the shelter on my way home from an appointment today. I found my dog. But I can't have her right now. We have a very elderly diabetic blind fellow, as well as the two others, and it wouldn't be fair to bring a new one into the flock. But she's all white, a lab dalmation cross, totally white with pink rims on her dark eyes, and a big honkin black rubber lab nose! She has the faintest of gray spots inside her ears! Ear freckles! She's gorgeous, eight months old and wanted me to hold her. I want her. And I can't have her. I know she will find a home, This is a great no kill shelter, and someone will love her. I want to name her Lizzie. :0-

That sounds like the perfect solution--yay for Mom!

So much yummy yummy stuff. Your version of MJ's inspiralled hat is awesome, the new project is great and will be wonderful overdyed (though the variation could stay because it's in the base color, right?), and you know I dig the tatting.

Dude, nice tats!

(heh heh)
(yes, sometimes I am 12)

The tatting is awesome. Have you tried needle tatting? I found it much easier than using the shuttles.
Very addicting though!

I love the idea of overdying it! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

I think I can see some variation in color in the second photo. I can't wait to see it overdyed. What a great idea.

Thea is clearly happy to have Mom home!

Bummer about the fading, but- ooh! I can't wait to see how this piece will look after it's overdyed!

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