Thank you for your well wishes. I think you all warmed the runways for me, because I made it to Chicago safe and sound and slightly earlier than my original flight itinerary.


Now, my low blood sugar is dictating that I get some grub in me before I turn into a werewolf and go on some sort of blood lust rampage. That'd be normal, right?


I've actually been knitting, quite a bit, so hopefully, I'll be able to photograph and blog something crafty soon.


Enjoy Chicago! I hope you get a respite from the snow; two hours away in Michigan it hasn't stopped in over a week. Brrrrrrr.

and you've come during such a great time. The snow seems to be never ending and no one seems to know how to drive in it. Stay Warm!!!

Dude, you're in Chicago? Hey, if you make it over to Aurora or Montgomery, say hi to my sister and dad, m'kay? Thanks.

Eek... werewolf! Well, come to think of it, we suspect Mum turns into a vampire sometimes at night when she's stressed about something... as she'll start to drink a lot form a cup... eeek...

And we see you're wearing your knitting! Lovely!

I am VERY impressed with your one-handed, in the mirror, picture taking skills! ;-Þ

What a great looking hotel room!! Glad you got there safe and sound. Hopefully your trip home will be uneventful :)

your room looks so cozy. glad you made it to our fair-ly freezing city ok.

do you have plans while you're here? are you going to any yarn shops? i'd love to meet up with you and say 'hi' in person.

wWew! So glad you're safe and sound!

Wow, after a day like that I'm not sure how you'd manage to leave a room that looks so inviting!

Glad you made it safe and sound. Both cities are pretty equipped for snow, so I thought your chances were good. Now if you can just get temps above freezing so that you can enjoy Chicago - ha!

Hi Marnie - hope you are enjoying Chicago - February is not the best month to visit (any summer month or October would be way better). We are having a pretty severe winter - snowiest since the winter of '78-'79 when we broke the record for amount of snow over the entire season (& had one humongous 29" snowfall). And it's been colder than usual too. But worst of all is the lack of sunshine - in the first 8 days of February we had a TOTAL of 11 minutes! Makes me glad I'm retired & can just sit home & knit & play computer games! Your hotel looks lovely!

Hurray! I was thinking about you when I was listening to the flight delay reports on the area airports on last night's news . . . glad you weren't stuck!

Hey! I stayed there when I was in Chicago. Great hotel!

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