Snow shoes



Leo got us snow shoes in hopes they'd help us keep up with the girls. You know what that means, right? It's time for another hike.


We couldn't have picked a more challenging day to try out those snow shoes. The temperatures were just around the freezing mark, maybe a little bit warmer, so the snow was sticky, wet and great for such activities as snowball fights, snow men building and fort construction. Still, it produced the most unusual snow formations atop the trees. Check this out.


Could that look any more like a bird's head?
For some reason, we found it exceedingly entertaining when Leo would risk his own safety and shake some of the smaller trees.

IMG_0119.JPG IMG_0120.JPG IMG_0126.JPG

And when I didn't properly catch the first dense block of compacted snow, hitting him on the head, he thought we should do it again.

And check this out.


Panda and Thea walking right OVER Leo as he sticks his torso through a hole in this snow formation. Yes yes yes, we know that's not the most brilliant of plans, but it does make for a good picture.

We may have found it hard to hike this wet snow.


However, the girls, as always, were in heaven.

It wasn't all laughs and good times. We've been up to the trails of Mt Hood a few times, and we've found that Oregonians are pretty welcoming of happy dogs. It's not unusual for playful pups to come careening around corners to play with our girls and vice versa. Unfortunately, this Saturday, we met the first person who did not share that puppy goodwill. Apparently, her dog was a little aggressive, so she had her dog on leash and when Thea went over to say hi, it caused the woman much consternation.

An angry woman in red, mutters as she walks by Leo and Thea.

Leo grabbed Thea, to restrain her and as the woman walked by Leo, she let off with a string of colorful language, leaving no doubt about how she felt about me and my puppy parenting skills. I'm not saying I fault her, I can understand that she wants everyone to be in full control of their dogs at all times, it's just that we are used to people being a bit more lax with their pups. We decided to keep Thea on leash for a while, for good measure. That is, until this sweet lab came over to play.


We let our little troublemaker off leash and she had herself a proper playful tussle. That's more like it.

We hiked a bit more and arrived at Twin Lakes, which is completely frozen over and covered in snow.


It looks like such a barren wasteland, after hiking through the thick forest. I bet it's just gorgeous in the spring and summer.

We had ourselves a little lunch and played fetch with the girls' water bowl.


Hiking back to the car was as much fun as hiking to the lake. It's hard work, slogging through the heavy snow, but we aren't the type to let that get the better of us. We just break out our thermos of hot chai and sit for a spell, when the mood suits us.


Or lean back and watch the snow fall on our faces.

IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0260.JPG

In the end, the whole lot of us made it home exhausted, but happy.

While I'm still feeling the hike today, I can't wait to go back. Next time, I hope the snow's a little more powdery, but even if it isn't, this sort of workout beats the gym, any old day of the week.

See all the pictures here.

And since someone almost always asks, the harnesses that Panda and Thea are wearing, can be found here.


Yay for snowshoes! That's too bad about the angry women - the people I met when I lived in Oregon were always so laid back. Looks like a fun hike!

that just looks like some sort of fun I could only imagine.. wow... I loved reading and seeing the video... SO fun, such a great adventure!!!

Ok this may be a dumb question, but I don't know anything about dogs. What breed of dogs are those? They are so cute!

I'm so jealous you get to go snowshoeing in the mountains. I love Oregon. I need to move...soon.

What an incredible day!! Beautiful photos!

where do you two snowshoe? the lovely Michelle and I have been doing a snow shoe/hike/hot spring trip one weekend a month this winter.

it'd be pretty cool to bump into you :P

Gorgeous hike. We've learned the same lesson with Ash. All our other dogs were of the type who walked by dogs on leashes at a good distance, completely uninterested, as I am sure Panda did. Although it's nice to have a social dog in many ways, they require a lot more training in that area. Mr. Ash stays on leash unless we're in a designated dog park or an area where we know we won't run into anyone. Eventually the stinker will be well-trained, it just takes time!

Thanks for the link to the dog harnesses and other things! A harness like that for our little shih tzu, would mean that we could carry him around like a handbag!!! I'm eyeing the dog coat too, and the human shirt, and the toys... Looks like you had a great adventure! Lotsa fun!

Thanks for the link to the dog harnesses and other things! A harness like that for our little shih tzu, would mean that we could carry him around like a handbag!!! I'm eyeing the dog coat too, and the human shirt, and the toys... Looks like you had a great adventure! Lotsa fun!

Yet more anecdotal proof that prickly owners make for prickly dogs. Given Angry Woman's "colorful language," I'm not that surprised that her dog was aggressive.

Don't you just love the snow? I moved to Maine for the snow (and the sea), and this winter have not been disappointed!

As always, cute pups!

I hope Chappy doesn't read your blog--all the fun things you do with your girls--romping at the beach, hiking through the snow . . . he'd be in doggie heaven! And, you know, I don't want him to think less of me....

You know some people, like me, keep their dogs on leash at all times for everyone's safety. First of all I don't think you'd be too thrilled seeing a 120 pound rottweiler coming your way in the middle of nowhere no matter how friendly he is. People are scared shitless of rottweilers. Period. Some dogs go nuts when there's a rottweiler within 100 yards.
My dog also happens to be the one who got attacked many times as a pup off the leash (one of those it's a pup, no one is going to hurt a pup things) and gets anxious when certain dogs get too close. For my own safety I'll keep my dog on the leash because in case of a dog fight the rottweiler always ends up being the one to blame even if he did nothing but walk next to me.

I'm not an outdoorsy-type person, but everytime I read one of these posts, I wish we had dogs and more nature around here. Then I remember...I like climate controlled environments. Oh, well, I'll be outdoorsy- vicariously through your blog.

I LOVE snow pictures! After sort of being forced to move from IL to FL and then stay there for way too many years, I got so sick of people looking at me with pity and disgust in their eyes when I dared to mention that perhaps FL was not paradise for everyone, or that I missed the fall leaves, or the snow, or anything that was not 80 degree weather or beachy. I have since grown to like the beach, but I love the snow. It somehow is romantic and quiet, and peaceful, although with the pups, maybe peaceful isn't quite right. Know what one of my favorite things is now? When my boys come in from playing out in the snow, and we peel off clothes, and run out of registers to put soppy wet mittens (hand knit of course) on, and then I heat up some water for hot cocoa. Too bad it was 6o here today. Tomorrow's supposed to be better, we may get snow. I'll just cross my fingers...

Wish we were there... so much fun! We've never seen snow, and that big pile of snow on the tree is just amazing!

I don't know. I thought dogs-on-the-beach photos were the cutest ever, but the pics from your winter adventures this season are too much! So much fun!!

Yay snowshoes! I love snowshoeing.

Bummer about Ms. Crankypants.

It's true that keeping your dog onleash is safer. But nowhere near as fun, or the kind of exercise and socialisation they get offleash. Life is managed risk. Just because some dogs (and people) are aggressive doesn't change the fact that your dogs are (generally ;)) good dogs and do well offleash.

It is shocking though when people act like that. It can darken the day, and sometimes you just have to bite your tongue, remembering that whatever is wrong with them, it's their issue not yours, because "colorful" language is not an acceptable or productive response.
(talking about her bad behavior, not you guys--if it's the norm to have offleash dogs in an area and her dog has an issue with other dogs, then she's a jerk for bringing her dog there without a muzzle, and then reacting as she did to the inevitable, frankly. Dealing with an aggressive dog can be difficult, but it's all about managing the behaviors and mitigating risks. It's not the end of the world and taking out your frustration on other people accomplishes jack. Harrumph.)

I wish I could let Oscar offleash more often. I don't quite trust him yet to come back when I call. I've found most people - and their dogs - love that Oscar is friendly and playful. Some older dogs aren't interested, but I've found almost all people in my neighborhood that are happy to let the dogs frolic.

On the other hand, my boyfriend's neighborhood is full of folks that shy away or give me dirty looks when all 18 pounds of Oscar comes bounding up with a grin on his face. It definitely makes me not want to ever move to his neck of the woods, ya know?

As always, I just love your pics of the girls and beautiful scenery. You all look like such a happy family!

Oh, and I'm curious, did you knit the cool hat Leo's wearing?

What great photos! Snowshoeing is great, although we haven't made it out yet this year (too much downhill skiing instead, since we have SO much snow a few hours north of you!). I love the photo of Leo in the snowhole with the dogs on top, such a good shot!

snow shoes rock! we love going out with the boys because you feel safe and free...keep giving us those great i miss mt hood sometimes.

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