3000 miles away, Thea's soul mate is trying to pass a glove


If what doesn't kill her, makes her stronger, Thea should indestructible by now.

thea with skein.jpg

If you don't know Chappy and his mum, you might want to take a moment to go over and read this post.

Whenever I post about Thea getting into something she shouldn't (@#!%@$@), I can count on Deb to regale me with a Chappy tale, sure to give me some perspective. Go ahead, ask her about Chappy's taste in drywall.

So when she posted that Chappy and coiffing had collided, I thought for sure that Thea and he must be long lost cousins.

See, Sunday night, Leo got it in his head that he was going to give himself a buzz cut. He had about an inch of curls that he quickly zipped off with his electric trimmer.

As Leo checked his work in the mirror and made minor adjustments, he heard a sound, like lips smacking. He turned around to find Thea looking up at him, licking her lips.

There was a moments pause. There's nothing edible in the bathroom. What had she gotten into?

And then he saw it, or more accurately, didn't see it. The hair. Every last hair was gone. GONE! She had hoovered up the clumps of locks that had been so carefully caught in a towel, on the floor. I heard only, "What did you do?" and came running.

On the one hand, come on, that's just funny. I mean, we know she'll put just about anything in her mouth, but hair? HAIR? At the same time, dread engulfed us both. Is she going to end up with a giant felted mass in her stomach?

We called the vet, first thing, the next day, and after bemused surprise, the receptions conferred with the vet and suggested we wait and see.

A few days later and Thea still seems fine, so we are tentatively optimistic that this is a humorous situation. Do feel free to laugh in our general direction.

If only she were good like her sister.

panda with skein.jpg



A dog with a "hair-ball?" Now THAT'S original! I'm laughing with you - my mini-doxie is in the doghouse right now for being an escape artist and eating my lipbaum. Go figure.

It's just a good thing she's so cute!

I've seen dogs eat many and varied things, but never hair! Does Leo use some sort of fruity smelling shampoo? Maybe Thea thought it was a super special treat just for her!

I can understand when they swallow food--or even food-scented items--that they shouldn't have, but some of the things dogs swallow? Makes no sense to me whatsoever! Like, when Katy used to swallow little bits of gravel from her bathroom . . . mmmm, yummy!

Here's hoping Thea and Chappy "pass" through this phase quickly!

Once I was watching a friend's St Bernard and Golden Retriever, both of which were pretty badly matted behind their ears. I tried brushing them out, but ended up having to cut several large ones. I left them all in pile while I went to get the broom. The Golden ate the whole thing. Whoooop, and it was gone. Nasty, matted dog hair. And he was fine.

Ohh, Thea!! And ohhh, Chappy! too. It's been a while since either of my hounds have actually ingested anything they shouldn't (though by the sounds of things there's a cat in the garden they'd currently like a go at), but I think Kita's best was probably grass seed. Thankfully not pre-treated with nasty chemicals, and all I can say is that 'internal exfoliation' ever becomes a spa treatment, my girl was definitely the pioneer... Woody, now, he just throws things around. Like tennis balls. And yarn. And potatoes.

oh sheesh Thea! The other day I came home to a bag of individually bagged raw fleece strewn about the living room and another 1 oz. bag of yak (yes YAK!) sitting in the dining room. All was out of Penny's (dog) reach and I was so not amused! She was under the dining room table in full "I've been a bad girl" mode and was scolded for such behavior. Fibers were put up out of her reach again. The next day I find Apollo (cat) with raw romney hanging out of his mouth and once again Penny was shaking under the table....I felt like a horrible mother!

toby will eat clumps of his OWN hair, and so will willow (eat toby's hair I mean) as his sheltie fur sometimes comes out in little tuffs (I'm a bad doggy mommy and don't brush him but maybe once a month) and I'll watch him catch a piece and eat it. He also TAUGHT willow our golden to EAT POO. WTF!!! ARGH!!!

Now that's a new one for me! Oscar does try to "recycle" his fur after a brushing but I wonder if he'd vaccuum up hair?

He was in trouble this morning when I got up because he was at the knitting needles again! Last night, I was up knitting mardi gras scarves until midnight. I put the size 17 Lantern moon needles with a partially finished boa down on the ottoman. This morning, I walked into the living room to find eyelash yarn strewn into the dining room and another ball into the hall and the needles in the middle of the floor with little tiny teeth marks. I was only sleeping for 7 hours! That'll teach me to knit when I'm tired, huh?

One of the dogs I walk regularly likes to eat pine needles. I noticed that he's still doing it today, when I picked up his poop. :)

I think Ms. Thea has a doppleganger much closer by. I cannot tell you how many times Zosia has eaten something both unfathomable and forbidden and thrown it up a week later. A week - no kidding. Her most impressive stunt was a few weeks ago when she and Asher made quick work of one of their (expensive) fleecy beds in a rage of being under-exercised and left behind. (I take full responsibility.) Days later, Z coughed up something the size and consistency of a rat. Not a city mouse, but a full grown, fattened lab rat. I kid you not. I have no idea how she managed to get that thing to pass back through her esophagus without dying on the spot, but she did. Zosia, and Thea, I suspect, has the constitution of a goat. Impressive and disgusting!

Marnie, Those photos of panda and thea are about the cutest ever! I hope Thea passes the
hair with ease!!!

Gotta love it when you hear the other person in the house exclaim, "What did you do?" Ha! I know it well. Oh dear. Dakota *only* injests his own hair, while cleaning himself, only to cough it up later. Dogs and hairballs...who knew?! Well, best of luck to Miss Thea!

Ah, I know that statement "what did you do?" all too well. I have an old kitty. One evening, I was going to sew a button on a shirt so I got out the needle and thread and set them it on the bathroom counter to go get the item I was going to sew the button onto. I come back and, you guessed it, no needle and thread, and I look down at old kitty and she is there with that gagging action just finishing up swallowing the needle and thread. I yelled the "oh no you didn't, what did you do?" and grabbed her and took her to the vet. After xrays, there it was right there in her stomach. Well, they said I could wait to see if she passed it, but I chose to have the surgery. Yikes, expensive. Now I am very careful with needles and thread.

Thea is a riot! I'm glad to hear that she seems to be okay and hope everything is fine.

And awww, I love that picture of Panda. She's such a cutie!

It's a conspiracy. The first one is good and easy, that way you're willing to take in the second one. That's why my cousin keeps telling his wife they shouldn't have another child. Their first one is so pleasant, he says there's no way they'd get that lucky with the second.

Hmm... nice wig! I think we're going to get Mum to give us one of those each on Thea's head...

Well, hair is just protein, right? My Vincent would always eat my toenail clippings! (sorry to be gross) So it sort of makes sense....but the idea of that stuff clumping up in her stomach....ewww. I hope it all works out.

that silly girl, she is always keeping you on your toes! I just love the pictures of your girls.

pssst... You make my day!

Wow. I guess you forgot the "Don't eat human hair" chapter in the dog book, huh? File this under things you never thought you'd have to make a rule. You should see my list, with 3 boys. Let's just say it starts with "Don't hammer a thumbtack into the cat."

Oh what a hilarious mental image. My parents' dogs are like that - if it's within the mouth's reach, it goes in the mouth :)

Now, that's just weird! ;-) Our Min Pin Leyna keeps us constantly on her toes. ANYthing she shouldn't put in her mouth, she does. It's really like having a toddler in the house. We can never let down our guard.

Our dearly departed golden mix, Bailey, once chewed through the vinyl exterior of my dd's bean bag and devoured the contents. Over the next few days, it looked as if it had snowed in July in our backyard. It was covered with stryofoam pellet filled pooh. It was not a pretty sight.

I do hope Thea suffers no ill effects.

My daughter's Boxer once ate almost an entire wooden pallet. They had a small vending machine business & some machines had been delivered to their house. The delivery men left the wooden pallets that they used in an out of the way corner of the back yard that was not observable from inside the house. They discovered what had happened when they found scraps of wood on the patio & investigated. She survived without harm only to be felled by a rare sub-tropical parasite a couple of years later at the far too young age of 4. I thought of her just this morning when they were talking about the Columbia disaster 5 years ago. At that time, my daughter was living in Baton Rouge & her house was in the area where they were asking people to look on their property for possible debris from the space shuttle. We, of course, macabrely, joked about the headlines about vital missing piece of space shuttle debris that would reveal exactly what had happened eaten by Boxer. She also managed to get a dresser drawer open once & eat an entire package (about a pound) of chocolate Easter Eggs, foil wrappers & all. DD called in a panic about the fatal dose - fortunately, for a dog her size it was about 4 lb of dark chocolate but she threw up chocolate & little bits of foil all over the house. She was the sweetest dog I've ever met in spite of her pica & we still miss her - even the grandsons who were not quite 2 & 3½ when she died talk about her occasionally.

miss v's dog cash (a black lab) ate a silicone cupcake liner. took 3 months for that to come out!

i have a cat that is addicted to chewing hair. i have to watch her when my hair is down, lol. she also decided to snack on my husband's fake beard (it was for a gandalf costume). sigh

I grew up with two siberian huskies, a mother and her son. The mother, Elkie, was definitely a hunter. We'd come home and find feathers all over the backyard, with a few sticking in the corner of her mouth. She used to catch birds in midair. She also used to bite bees out of the air, get stung on the mouth, and go right on eating them.

Once my mother looked out the kitchen window to see Elkie running around the yard with an entire squirrel tail sticking out of her mouth, still twitching. Yes, our lovely girl somehow managed to catch and eat a live squirrel. The vet was nonplussed, assuring us she'd be fine as she had her vaccinations, but my mom never looked at her the same way again.

Doggies are such an adventure!

That's too funny. I'm still laughing. Thanks for sharing. :o)

My dad was visiting my older sister and while they were busy talking, her PitBull Pinky ate a baseball size hole in dad's new knit cap. Beautiful cocoon black/grey wool......I just finished that hat!! GRRRRRR

Maybe it's something in the Portland water that affects dogs? Jack (that would be our dog) is the same way. He. Eats. Everything.

We had a similar hair incident yesterday when I was buzzing Husband's head. Jack was sitting there quietly waiting to be helpful and keep me from needing to vaccuum....he wasn't happy he got kicked out of the bathroom for the remainder of the haircut. I caught him the other day going around looking for dust bunnies to eat.

Oh, then there was the time he ate a cardboard box. While we were in the middle of unpacking at our current place, we went to bed and had some packed and sealed boxes stacked in our room. In the middle of the night, Jack decided he needed a snack and ate a hole in the corner of the box larger than himself! I suppose we should have known better since I think this was a few nights after he ate Husband's wallet.

*Sigh* He doesn't eat stuff at night anymore, but apparently hair and dust bunnies are a delicacy.

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