Rookie mistake


After knitting the colorwork on both sleeves, I realized that I made one of those head slapper goofs, that can only be fixed with a rip.

After determining the number of stitches I'd need to decrease before the cuff, I determined how frequently I'd need to work decrease rounds. Pattern calculating-101. So where did it go awry? Each decrease round reduces the stitch count by 2 stitches, yet I was calculating as though only 1 stitch were reduced per round. Silly mistake, and constricting too. Oy vey.


On the left is my finger numbingly tight first go at the sleeve. On the right is the reworked sleeve, new and improved to allow for blood circulation.


Another look at the happy arm.

Nothing like a little ripping to keep me humble.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who has those moments! I love that sweater - definitely one I would knit and wear.

Well, both sleeves--the blood-constricting one and the blood-flowing one--look good. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful sweater!

this is already turning out to be a really gorgeous sweater, and one that I hope you'll write/share a pattern for!

Hmm... you're already skinny, we don't want you to be constricted and faint!

Regardless, it is still lovely! We all at home love it very much - but most importantly, we hope you'll feel comfortable wearing it eventually. Sorry arm is constricted.

Here's extra *guinea hug* and *guinea kisses* to you and fingers :)

I love reading about the evolution of this sweater. I don't know if I'll ever try designing, but if I do I'll probably be referring to your blog a lot.

I came over this morning because I was surprised to see Thea in my email! I subscribe to the Daily Puppy, and I recognized her immediately. Cutie pie that she is.

Well it looks just lovely! Yay for blood circulation. ;)

That's why I love your show the good and bad moments and all inbetween and I always learn so much. Such a lovely sweater...I'm really enjoying watching it evolve. :)

Whew. Would you be mad if I admitted I'm a little glad you messed up? Here I thought you were some sort of knitting goddess or something. Well, you probably still are.

ripping back or not, it's still a beautiful sweater!

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