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Aw, so much love for Thea! That second photo down - she is totally smiling. SO CUTE!

Oh, that is so sweeeet! She's such a pretty girl - and she has that mischievous look in her eye!

so cute! she really is a beautiful girl.

thanks for the link to that site. I had never seen it before.

Yay! I saw her photo this morning and was like - hey, I KNOW that puppy!! How fun! I hope we will be seeing Panda on the grown-up puppy site soon, too! ;-)

You take the best pictures. Of course, it doesn't hurt that your subject is VERY photogenic. :)

Thea was on my Google homepage this morning! What a happy treat on a dreary day of hail in NYC.

She is such a cutie! Beautiful pictures too!

Yay! I love the Daily Puppy! Thea looks terrific, as usual. Very, very cute! (And I spy a spinning wheel in the background of one of those pictures . . .)

She's such a cutie. That second pic from the top just slays me. Give her lots of ear scratches from me!

Yay, Thea is famous! Well deserved recognition for such an adorable girl. Scratch those big ol' ears for me!

What a cutie.

I have the same knitting needles that you have in your picture. They're very nice.

So cute! Thank you for sharing her with us on the blog and now there as well.

She's so cute - makes you want to reach right through the screen & give her a big hug!

She is so adorable! Give her (and Panda) a belly rub for me. :)

Like several others, I looked at the Daily Puppy (cause of much sighing by my poor husband because he hears this constantly--"Look, honey, look at THIS one. You HAVE to come look!", and I thought, "Hey, I've seen THAT darling face before!" Yay, Thea!

she's beautiful, and so playful looking!

Yay Thea! I'll need to send in some of Zosia's puppy pics!

Aw... Thea's puppy photos are lovely! Mum wanted to reach out into the monitor to hug Thea! Silly Mum...

Awww, I almost had forgotten how cute she was as a little puppy! She's really grown up into a pretty little girl too, eh?

Your dog is adorable, but the weirdest part is that my name is Thea. I'm glad your dog and I may share the coolest name ever, although there is a possibility we pronounce it differently. Mine is pronounced like "theater".

And your knitting is gorgeous.

I knew it was Thea right away when I saw her picture on the Daily Puppy even before I read her bio. She's adorable!!

Aw :) So sweet!

What a nice present ! Thanks!

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