My dogs are weird


One might be a basket case

I wanted to sit next to Panda but there was no room on the bed.

The other is channeling her inner long haul trucker.

Breaker Breaker 1-niner. Just passed a brown paper bag by the chew 'n choke in Cow Town. Don't feed the bears. Catch ya on the flip flop. Over and out.


Buh Bye!!! Love the dogs' photos. :O) Such characters!!! samm

Hee, I've been on Ravelry too much. I read this post and looked for the "Funny" button.

Those girls always make me laugh! Love the look on Panda's face while Thea is sitting in the basket! Priceless! :)

Weird, but oh-so-cute!

I love that photo of Panda! I couldn't quit giggling at her hanging her arm off the edge of the bed!

Awe! Ha ha, cuties!!

Chappy does that thing with his elbow all the time, and it always looks just adorable... wait until I tell him that Panda does it, too!

Are you sure Thea isn't part cat? hehehe

I laughed and laughed and laughed. :)

Lol! Your girls are beyond cute! And the captions made me laugh harder! :)

I enjoy how Panda's calm, easy-going nature is juxtaposed to Thea's antics. They are both so lovable.

doggie elbows!! i heart me some doggie elbows!

Thanks for a big laugh on a miserable rainy, snowy and grey day in
Toronto. I just LOVE your funny girls and your comments !

Toooooooo funny!! :)
Aren't dogs great??!!

Ouch! Too funny!

Hee! I love your dogs. The picture with Thea in the basket is hilarious! Does she sit there often? Or were you lucky with the camera?

Hey, we have a basket just like that! Originally it was for magazines but our cat got a uti and mom had to throw out the liner and then she set the basket on the porch to go to the trash. Eventually she discovered our rat terrier mix liked to sit in it so it stayed on the porch. Its gotten so cold out now that he's abandoned it for his little house and the neighbors' golden/husky has dragged it out into the middle of the lawn. Too bad Thea is like 3 times the size of our little guy or it would be much more cute and less silly. :D

Geez... love the basket dog!

these are funny. silly pups.

LOL. Your dogs are too funny.

Awwwwwww, they are just soooo cute. And Thea is definitely acting most cat-like. My cats (each weighs about 17½ lb) are always squeezing themselves into tiny baskets. etc.

Your dogs are cute. And they look like they're just full of personality.


Looks like Theo has banished herself to teeny basket in the corner for ripping to shreds the fluffy bed, haha. What a couple of sweetie pie girls.

they are so cute. they look like sisters, too. and looks like Panda's tail was wagging when you were taking her picture.

HA! They keep us so entertained, do they not? I lvoe how you're able to catch so much of their silliness on film. I wish I could capture more of Dakota's funny looks/poses. You would crack up.

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