Bad knitter, no cookie


I have no good excuse for casting on a new project when I have plenty of existing projects on the needle. Bad knitter. Bad bad knitter.

In a recent trip downtown, I stopped in at Knit/Purl. I actually don't really have that much inclination to buy yarn, these days. I like my stash and knitting my own handspun is really satisfying, but I had this image in my head of a stranded sweater in an easy care fiber, that I could wear on my outings with the dog.

Less than 30 minutes later, I walked out with 5 skeins of Cascade 220 superwash. They only had 2 skeins each of purple and gray and only one of the natural, so my design is driven by my limited yardage.


Ravelry makes us name our projects, so I'm calling this Astoria, after the quaint little town on the Oregon coast.


The garment is shaped with darts instead of side seams and still needs a neckband and sleeves.

I'd like to do full length sleeves, but I'm not sure I have enough yardage to do so. I'll certainly have enough gray and white to add the stranded motif to both sleeves.


So far, this project has been very satisfying. I knitted and washed a swatch but otherwise, I have just designed as I've gone along. I wasn't even sure if it'd be a cardigan or pullover until I finished the neckline shaping.


The colorwork pattern is very loosely based on one I found in my Vogue Stitchionary. The inspiration motif is called Arles, in case you are playing along at home, and is on page 78 of volume three. That one is stacked, turned sideways and tiles in the other direction, but I thought it could be made into a fun wave motif so I reworked it to fit the design and tile correctly.

Let's hope this rash of starting will result in a subsequent rash of finishing, so I can get me that cookie. What, there's not really a cookie? Dag nabbit.


Wow. I say go ahead, have a cookie! Lovely design.

I really love that sweater so far!! I can't wait to see it done! It's so beautiful.

wow, another really beautiful design, marnie. i love how you just whip them out, each one makes me long for the weather and time to knit sweaters (and maybe just a wee bit for your waistline too). loved the previous post, you really have your hands full with those two, huh?

too beautiful!

That is beautiful, Marnie! You are amazing.

I love that perfect for walks on the beach!

That's really a beautiful design!

Looking nice! You really knit well, and garment fits too!
Must show Mum when she's back from Auckland. She'd love to see this!

That is beautiful! Fits you perfectly too.

cookie, shmookie- you deserve a great big cheesecake. every week for a year! that is just beautiful Marnie. I'm in line to buy the pattern.

so, limits on creativity.

hey, back again- called my daughter in to show her your new creation- she loves it, and she's amazed; "She just knit that up????"

yup, amazing, Marnie.

O.K. then you deserve some chocolate. I really like the design and colours and of course as always you wear it well !!.

I love the color work! So simple - yet it's just enough. Great job!

Dude, that totally deserves a cookie!! :) As usual, it is beautiful! I love the names you come up with for your designs.

I want so very much to do this neckline and close fitting shape - the color work is wonderful but way past my skill level - maybe you'll post a simple pattern for me someday !


That's the problem a new idea can be so seductive. But to deny an idea might mean it becomes lost and forgotten. And I'm so glad you decided to work on that top because it fits you perfectly and is very lovely to boot. And that surely deserves a cookie. :)

ooohhh, i like it! and the 2 main colors are a really great design detail :-) can't wait to see what comes next!

I wish I could just whip up gorgeous sweaters like this on the fly! Great color combo, and the colorwork pattern really adds that extra special something. Two thumbs (paws) up!

Just Stunning so far! I can't wait to see the FO. Such an inspiration.

I love this. I was looking at it and thinking it would look wonderful with half sleeves or 3/4 at the longest.

I'd like the pattern, if you write it up.

Damn, you are quick! The fit is great - I expected no less from you. :)

Beautiful already, and not even done yet! Drool worthy! :o)

Wow! This is great! It's good to have a little stealth knit - enjoy!

Ooo, that is a good motif for Astoria. Makes me think of the bay area when you cross the bridge from Warrenton.

That's gorgeous Marnie! And to be able to just make it up as you go along - wow! I'm so not at that point in my knitting!

I hope you and your family are safe and sound. We've seen how bad the weather has been up there and I thought of you.

Stay safe,


Beautiful garment!

But the main reason for my post is to say "Thank you!" for the Dragon Hoodie pattern. I definitely have to make it for my best friend's newborn. She has a whole dinosaur theme going in his bedroom and I think this garment can also be seen as a Dinosaur Hoodie. So many thanks - I love dressing kids up as animals.

Wow! Can't wait to see this finished. Will you be making the pattern available for sale?

Great job!

It looks like it's going to be just gorgeous, Marnie!

Marnie, I hope that one day I'll be as accomplished a knitter as you and be able to just whip up something as fabulous. I hope you'll share pattern info or sell a pattern someday. I especially like the shaping via darts, as I have a small torso and short waist but a larger bust, oy!

How beautiful!

Cookies for everyone!


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