A weekend of goodily goodness


Panda is today's Grown-Up Daily Pup.

*Sigh* I had so much fun this weekend that I'm all the more sad it's Monday. On Friday, Leo and I watched bad movies while I spun up my batt of sparkly BFL that I got from Amy back at the Fiber Frolic, in Maine.

sparkly2.jpg sparkly_withflash.jpg

Photos never do sparkly things justice, so take my word for it, when I say it looks lovely without being garish, almost like it was lightly sprinkled with silver dust. I spun the singles up and then plied it into a 3-ply using the Navajo plying method. The photos are pre-wash and thwack. I have about 98 yards of approximately DK weight yarn. I will definitely work this into something, but what, I'm not sure.

On Saturday night, we celebrated a friend's birthday by going out for dinner and playing pool...very very poorly. If any of you watch the American version of The Office, it's like when Kelly and Pam played ping-pong. That certainly didn't take away from the fun.
Actually, it probably made it more fun. The best part is, I got to flip off a hummer.


If that weren't all good enough, on Sunday, we packed up the girls (who were feeling plenty stir crazy with all the rain we've gotten) and headed to Mt. Hood for a good hike in the snow.





See all the pictures here.


Snow pups! Congratulations well earned for Miss Panda. Please give her the requisite ear scratches from me. Oh, and the Hummer-flipping-off picture is hilarious! B would wholeheartedly approve!

Those last two pics are GREAT!!!!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Looks like the girls had a blast as well (especially in the last photo). :D

It all sounds awesome. The spinning is yummy and I'm jealous of the snow. Love your reference to the Pam/Kelly ping-pong match!

That hummer photo is hysterical!

Looks like y'all could go skijoring!


The dogs look like they had a great time! If it were my dogs they'd be shivering and wondering what they'd done to deserve such punishment.

What is it about the snow that makes them nuts? Even my two oldies have to play bow when they get in the snow. I'm really hoping we finally get some this winter so they can play off leash in it in our back yard.

Where'd you get the fancy halters for the girls? I love them!

Yay for Panda!! And how is it that your girls don't look remotely cold, even while rolling in the snow! Toesicles!

The yarn is gorgeous. It looks like you all had such a great time at Mt. Hood - what beautiful scenery! The girls are absolutely adorable!

Yay for Panda. And it's been a while since the last Hummer pic. You look totally overjoyed just doing that.

Mt. Hood pictures are beautiful, especially with all that snow!

Snow!!! Wish we were there too!

Yay for Panda! She looks terrific. And it looks like you all had a ton of fun out in the snow. It'd be nice to have some of that down here--it's 72 degrees and humid here today!

yarn - you - snow - panda - thea - all in one heavenly post !
(but panda is still my fave - beautiful pics of her !)


Wonderful pics - wish we got snow like that here. My two would love it. And seeing how well your two do with them, I'm getting harnesses for Bil and Lunil too.

Thank you for your inspiration.

Love the doggies in the snow! I can't believe how big Thea has gotten -- she's not going to be the "little" sister much longer!

Those pictures were awesome. As one who lives where it rarely snows, and there's none to drive 'to', I loved getting to see some.

That picture near the end, of the four of you together posing on the hiking trail, would make a great Christmas card photo. :-)

Those are great harnesses, where are they from?

I love the pictures of them in the snow and the silliness.

If I didn't think you were great already the photo of you giving that Hummer the finger would totally seal the deal! :)

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