Starting the weekend off on a cute note


I haven't posted any doggy pictures in a while. Shame on me.

Ms. Panda looking gorgeous.


Thea bringing the puppy eyes.

thea_working it.jpg

Both girls playing in the backyard on a foggy morning.

playing on a foggy morning.jpg

Thea in her Total Recall class. Lots more pictures here.


And on an unrelated note, check out this spider web I spied waaaaay up in a tree in my front yard.



oh man those first two pics are so great, you should frame them in one of those frames that will fit two photos.. how cute!

Your pups are so pretty!! What a great spider web!

You have such photogenic pups!

That puppy dog eye picture is priceless!

Yay for puppy pictures! I love Panda's ears in the first photo.

Glad to see you're back safe and sound. Hope your grandma is doing okay.

Marnie those pics of the girls are we'll forgive you for not posting..but only this once .
( Panda & Thea's biggest fan ! )

Funny, I posted doggie photos today too! Must be something about Friday afternoon, only wanting to think about cute things ... Anyways, your girls are very sweet indeed.

I've decided I am incapable of not making audible squealing noises upon seeing pictures of Panda and Thea.

Oohhh... those lovely puppy eyes!
Wiggley and I will be practising that tonight, maybe we can use that on Mum ... *chuckle*

Thea is just too much! Panada is cute as ever! That spider has nerves of steel to be up that high! :)

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