We drove to Mt. Hood today.


It's hard to take a bad picture of such a beautiful mountain, but with the bright blue sky, it was all the more gorgeous.


The girls were anxious to get to our destination.

IMG_0060.JPG IMG_0047.JPG

We went to Timberline and hiked up one of the trails. There wasn't that much snow so the skiing was sparse, but there were quite a few people hiking and sledding near the base of the trail.


Panda mostly wanted to roll in the snow. The deeper the snow, the happier she was.


Thea wanted to run around like a maniac and eat snow.

A truly fabulous outing.

See all the pictures here.


I used to have a German Shepherd that LOVED the game of where I took a handful and snow and rubbed it in her face. It just made her bonkers.

Oh, and she loved to chase snowballs. She never seemed to get frustrated that she couldn't pick them up.

Oh, look so much fun!
We want to go play in the snow too!

I don't tell my Panda, she'd be jealous ;).
It's great to see them enjoying the snow that much :).

That Panda happy face is the cutest thing I've seen in a while. Schmoo!!!

Wow! What a gorgeous view! Looks like the pups had a grand time :)

Georgous pics! Looks like the girls love the snow as much as the beach! :)

bring on the snow! romping in the snow with my dog is one of my favorite things about winter. looks like you guys had a great time.

What a beautiful day, and the girls are so cute in the snow! I wonder how the doogles would do...

I just love the look of eager anticipation on Thea's face in that first picture in the car. I have to admit that I always feel like a little kid during the first real snow of the season (the excitement starts to diminish when the snow on the ground starts to turn gray & then black from car exhaust).

That looks like a fantastic day!!

How gorgeous! Panda & Thea are too cute! Looks like they really had a great time in the snow.

Oh how cute! Look at those faces--those sweet doggies are acutally smiling. What a wonderful day!

it is good to know that i can always come here for my oregon fix. i remember tim and i went snowboarding on timberline in june with tank tops and sunscreen. gotta; love that mountain. if you want to take a nice rustic getaway for the weekend try cooper spur, they have cabins and sledding, but i am not sure about animal allowance. great little place, though.

I love the new design with the girls in it. Panda really does smile with joy too! Heartwarming.

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