Tomorrow, I make the long journey back home.

Coming out to help my mother and grandmother get things in order has been exhausting, emotionally draining, but ultimately very enlightening. Even more, it has given me a feeling like I have helped in some small part.

Grandma and Grandpa at my mother's first wedding
My grandparents walking down the aisle at my mother's first wedding

My grandmother is trying hard to put on a brave face and take these changes in stride, but watching her cry so much and hearing her talk about how lonely it is for her at night and how much she misses him, makes my heart ache for her. As the week comes to a close, the realization of these changes seems to become more clear to her and it is harder for her to maintain her composure.

For better or for worse, we are helping her start this new chapter in her life. I can only guess how scared and uncertain she feels. Even so, every once in a while she gives me a big smile and I feel like things are going to be OK for her.

three generations.jpg


She is fortunate to have your love, compassion, and support at this difficult time.

Of course, you're being there was a help and a comfort. How could it not be? I'm sure you can reach things on a much higher self than she can. ;^)

I hope she is able to adjust smoothly to her new life and find some peace there.

Oh Marnie - I'm thinking of your family, and wishing peace and love to your grandma.

Am sure Grandma knows she has a special gift, that is to have you in her life! Lovely that you are around to help her.

i watched my mom go through a lot of this when my dad passed. it's hard to watch but i promise that it does get better.

have a safe trip home.

Sad, but doing this together has to have helped a lot... Safe trip home!

I'm sure your presence made a huge difference. Thanks for sharing these pictures with us, and take care of yourself - thinking of you and your family and your sweet Grandma.

I'm so sorry that you lost your Grandfather and that your Granny is in such pain. 68 years is a LONG time.

I'm sure your presence helped (probably more than you think).

Hi Marnie,

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I'm so glad you could go be with her, and I am amazed at 68 years. Wow.

I teared up at this. Big change can be so hard. I'm glad you were able to be with her for part of it.

What a shame old couples can't go at the same time. I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose a mate of 68 years. I did lose a mate of 7 years, which was horrific enough, but to have been with someone, undoubtedly your soul mate, for 68 years? Wow!

You're right, your grandmother does have a beautiful smile. It's easy to see where you and your mom get your looks. :-)

Your grandma looks like a terrific woman. It's so hard when someone you love dies; I'm sure she really appreciated and enjoyed you and your mom being there.

The three of you look so great together. I'm sure just being there with her was a help to her.

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather. You look like a trio of strong women, surrounded in love.

How hard it must be for her. She is lucky to have you to help her during this difficult time. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. *hugs*

Wow. I cannot even imagine how much emotion all of you have been experiencing. I'm just glad that your grandmother has such a great support system. It makes a huge difference. I can't imagine losing M after ten years, let alone over half a century. Hugs to you. Enjoy home, Leo and the pups.

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