Happy Halloween




Cute! Is he a donkey?

Are Panda and Thea going to dress up too? ;)

Uh, that is so very wrong. He/she looks like my dad's old dog (passed several years ago). On the other hand, if my 3 year old still fit in that Tigger costume, I could send him over. Do you have a saddle?

Cute! LOL Happy Halloween!

I love Eeoyre!

That is so adorable! Happy Hallows eve!

So sweet!! Love the Eeyore costume. Not sure doggie does... But very clever and funny. Thanks for sharing!

*chokes on her coffee*

How perfect! Jacob is Tigger this year, too bad we don't live in the same city. :)

EeeeYore :) So cute!
Are you dressing up Thea and Panda too?
Happy Halloween!

EeeeYore :) So cute!
Are you dressing up Thea and Panda too?
Happy Halloween!

so funny! Happy Halloween to you too!

I love the Eeyore costume. You crack me up :-)

ha - i love that the dog is totally chilling out in costume. my pooch would be desperately trying to destroy it.
happy halloween!

HA! OMG. Happy Halloween to you, too!

Obviously none of you spends time with very young children. That dog is wearing a Blues costume (star of Nickelodeon's Blues Clues - blue is a little girl dog & was my younger grandson's favorite character when he was about a year old).

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