Getting there


Boy do I love life lines. I've used this one a couple times, but by Jove, I think I've got it. Some of the mishaps may have been caused by watching an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Man, that show is funny, and distracting.

Here's a closeup of the lifeline, subsequent filler stitches and Thea's paw.


The vertical row of locking stitch markers indicated decrease rows. I really don't want a huge amount of cinching required to hold this skirt up. When you have a 10 inch difference between hips and waist, that can be a substantial amount of extra fabric.

Here's a view of the whole skirt so far. There's only one spot in the house that gets much natural light and it's where Thea and Panda's bed resides. They seem to find it curious that the spot also becomes my photo studio, some days.


It's really easy to tell how far I've knit since I blocked the piece.

Tomorrow, I fly down to the greater San Fransisco area for a quick meet up with the owner of Stitch Diva Studios. We're finishing up another project together. That's all I can tell you for now, but I hope there'll be a sneak preview up in the near future.


Yay, bring on the sneakie previews! Can't wait to see what you've been hiding :-)

So, did Thea and Panda have any great suggestions on how to tackle the top of the skirt? It looks like they may be giving the matter much consideration!

Looking to watch the progress...have fun in San Fran!

goodness, I just love dogs. :-)

that paw in the first picture- so cute, so funny

here they stand in awe of your talent. and wonder if they could eat it

such buddies.

I'm rather amazed at your talent, too.

i love the photo with your two inspectors. Have fun in SF!

Well, they do call them lifelines for a reason. I'm definitely a fan. I love how the girls help you with your photoshoots. ;) Have a great trip!

He he, look at Thea point too!

Even when I photograph away from the doggy beds, I tend to get a lot of needle noses in the sides of shots too.

I love lifelines too. I don't use them as often as I should, though.

Oh my goodness Marnie ...

I have to say ... you always make me smile with your posts. The way you incorporate your dogs into the photos with your knitting ... it just truly brings a smile to my face and inspires me as well. Thank you for that.


Wow... skirt is looking great now! Must be girl-power, team work.

The girls must be proud as from the photo they seem to be looking on the skirt!

Wow... skirt is looking great now! Must be girl-power, team work.

The girls must be proud as from the photo they seem to be looking on the skirt!

Life lines are so wonderful. I love this skirt! just love, love, love it. Each time I see it I really adore it more! :)

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