Fine tuning


A little while back, I posted this picture and lamented that my WooLee Winder wasn't filling evenly.


Well, June came through with a most excellent suggestion. If I twist the traveling loop so that it is angled towards the smaller end, it will shift everything in that direction, resulting in a more even feed.

It's going to take some fine tuning, but I'm definitely seeing improvement.


The skirt is progressing. After taking this photo, I threw in a lifeline and am now deciding how I want to work the chevrons into flat stitches. The key is not only making smooth transition from the zigzag to flat, but also adjusting the gauge which changes from 8 stitches per inch in chevron to 6 stitches per inch flat.

skirt in progress.jpg

And look, my garden gave me another bloom. I am pleased.

two flowers.jpg

Quite a few more buds have popped up and several look ready to burst open in the next day or two.

I don't know how obvious it is to you, but I think we have two different varieties of Cosmos here. The smaller flower actually has slightly different shaped petals than the bigger one. I may be totally wrong but since we dumped several different mixes of seeds here, I think it's possible.

And finally, I'll be posting an interview with Donna Druchanus at the end of the month. I'm day 23 of her blog tour. I'm about halfway through the book now and gathering my questions.

ethnic knitting discovery.jpg

I've worked with Donna before and am really looking forward to the interview. Expect lots of questions about the book and her travels and maybe some little tangents into her other interests. I just hope that I'm able to come up with questions she hasn't already answered a million times.


I love how the skirt is coming along (and secretly hoping a pattern will follow it's completion)! That even bobbin sure is pretty. Is the WooLee Winder really worth the price?

I came across someone else with the same WW problem at the weekend - she was bringing it to her supplier. There is a tiny allen keyhole by the guiding loop, which needs to be loosened and adjusted - apparently it is obvious once you do it. Hope this helps.

Yay, you got another flower!
And the skirt looks fantastic! We can't wait to see you wear it when it's finished!

Lots of hugs and ear-scratch for the girls.

Thea looks so concerned about your winder! Or do you have a treat? lol

Skirt is looking great!

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