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I am so excited to be able to post about this book. Kat Coyle approached me a little over a year ago to see if I'd like to contribute to her upcoming book. I received my copy last week and wanted to wait until she posted before I did so.


The cover alone will probably sell you. The patterns in this book run the gamut from simple to complex, but each is original, fun, and worked in gorgeous yarns. I think I speak for everyone who contributed when I say that Kat is absolutely fantastic to work with. She has great vision, an impeccable eye for color, and her years of designing makes her keenly aware of what a designer needs to do their job successfully. I'm so proud to be a part of this book.

This is my pattern, The Poet Coat. It's worked in two shades of Blue Sky Alpaca and adorned with gold star buttons and a zipper pull.

Poet Coat.jpg

The main pattern is a linen stitch which produces a really dense fabric without much bulk.

The model is simply too cute for words.

My friends, Mary-Heather Coger, Julia Trice and Edna Hart, also contributed patterns, as well as Beth Abaravich, whom I never got to know but whose work is absolutely brilliant.


That's just perfect. I'm sure there are a lot of adults who'd covet a version in their own size.

I love that posed shot of the model on the piles of books. The coat's really great too! :)

I love that little coat! Congratulations! I'm so happy for Kat, too.

ohhh... he looks like the Little Prince! That is SO cute.

When I was going through the book with Jacob, it was your Little Prince coat that made him comment, "now THAT'S really cool!" :) And he's right.

So excited!!! It was so much fun to work on, and the finished book is just lovely. YAY Kat!

DUDE! That is freaking adorable.

The sick thing is, I may just have to make your Poet Coat for myself.

I *love* the poet coat, Marnie -- it is a wonderful book and a fantastic pattern. Kudos for another amazing knitted feat!

i LOVE that coat! SO CUTE!

MUST. ORDER. BOOK. I'm a sucker for kids' knits to begin with. And being familiar with those of you involved in this, I know the rest of the patterns will be just as gorgeous. My niece and nephew are in *so* much trouble now. They're going to run away when they see me coming with a present.

My son is six and probably entirely too large for that coat.. but I'm sure he'd love that whole outfit and would have many hours of fun pretending to be a pirate. Great job on designing such a fun and funky coat!

Wow, congrat's Marnie! That is one great looking coat!!

Marnie you're a dream to work with and you really out did yourself with this piece!

that is a great pattern. I've never seen anything like it for children. very creative.

congratulations! you are a talented designer. I'm sure you'll have many more requests from designers and publishers. maybe someday a "Marnie writes" book of designs?

I love it! Can we get that in grown-up size? ;)

Everything about that shot just works so well together - the coat, the boy, the props. Congratulations. Fantastic work.

That coat is ADORABLE! I want one for me!!!

What a great pattern! I've got to put that on my to-knit list. I can't wait to see the book!

Congratulations Marnie!

That is one of the hippest little knits I've seen in a long time.

Oh my LORD, that is the coolest coat ever! That pattern alone makes me want to buy the book! Congrats Miss Marnie!

I totally second the grown-up size suggestion! Really beautiful work!

Oh gosh, what an AMAZING coat!! I need it for my little one-- just stunning

That really is incredibly adorable...can't wait till I receive the book..(it's on pre-order from Amazon)....looks like it's going to have some great patterns and fun photography!

congrats! looks lovely! i think i just might have to check that book out! is it out yet?

CUTE jacket wow! Once I get brave enough to go to the bookstore with baby I'll have to get a copy :) I hope they carry it!

Adorable!! Congratulations!!! :-D

Oh man is that ever cute! Awesome job.

Oh, wow! I love that coat. It's sophisticated and cute at once!

Awesome design! Congrats on your latest published work!!

I had the great fortune to work as technical editor on this book and to be "in on it" from it's early days. It's an absolute winner and this coat is wonderful and well thought out -- and really, really cool!

Congratulations on a job well done.

Congratulations Marnie! I love the coat! (For myself, ha ha.)

Wow, wow, WOW. This is fabulous! Congratulations on that published pattern, and on creating such a gorgeous design. I love it, and the way it was styled in the book. It's awesome!

That coat is to die for..awesome job!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Design and the colors you chose are perfect--Just PERFECT--as always.
I missed you at our get together!


congratulations, it's adorable.

This is a wonderful design! I can't wait to take a look at the book. Congratulations!

That is the cutest coat I have ever seen! And yep...I'd love one too. Gotta go get the book! :)

There are those who think that there is nothing new in knitting. This coat proves that this is simply not true. Wonderfully original, quirky, absolutely fabulous.

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