Purdy stuff from the garden


When we moved into this house, just over a year ago, the garden was in pretty bad shape. Take a look.

before we moved in.jpg

Ugly, huh? I think the landlord may have simple removed all the dying flowers before we moved in, which is why it look so barren.

Since then, we've done some serious work. We removed the flower bed wall that had fallen down, leveled the dirt, and put in a little black fence.

garden now.jpg

This variety of grass is always yellow, this time of year, but it'll be lush again when spring rolls around.

We also planted tons of bulbs and wildflower seeds. Unfortunately, a lot of what we planted over the past couple of months, appear to be annuals so we're not sure how many flowers we'll see before they're all gone. There are some perennials too, which should hopefully flourish after winter.

After much hand wringing our first buds have appeared.

bud1.jpg bud2.jpg bud3.jpg

We now have A flower.


Yup, one big pink flower. Just another couple dozen and it'll actually kinda pretty around these parts.

The plants obscure a little of the view out the front window, but that didn't stop Panda from seeing a trespasser. Can you see him?

look what panda spied.jpg

Ooh, Panda's nemisis.

The rosebush in front has produced a second round of blooms for us. And you know what looks great with pink? A little black and white.



Now, THAT'S purdy.


Panda's nemesis looks exactly like my Ruthie - even the posture. Of course, we live in the Chicago area & she would never be outside anyway (except to go to the vet & then she'd be in a carrier).

Beautiful Cosmos! You'll have blooms galore in no time! I love the rose shot with little Thea!
the dog sweater is commencing at a snail's pace.

That is a purdy picture! Too cute!

The trespasser looks like it's sitting there saying "Whatcha gunna do about it?" since there is a window between them! Beautiful roses and cosmos.

Have a great weekend.

Look at that kitty sit there and taunt Panda.

You know what does OK in our winters? Pansies. Seriously. I've had some that even withstood the 1 or 2 days that it froze. Geraniums can tough it out sometimes too. Not if they are hanging but if they are in the ground.

Dang, you make me want to run right out and pick some up!

I love Panda's flower portrait. :)

That's a very pretty A flower!
The grass in the flowerbed looks yummy... wonder if they can be eaten...

Beauties and the beast! Very nice. My cats would have just eaten the petals, at least if the grasshoppers didn't get to them first.

Hee hee hee, I love that furtive look on Thea's face. Like "Can I be in the photo too?"

So elegant! So composed!


You may have just one big pink flower, but it's a nice one!

The folks behind us have a cat that strolls languidly around their yard. Da Boyz always let me know whenever it's out. Silly cat TWICE came into our yard and hid under the chimney. It was just good fortune that she wasn't dog food.

It is amazing what a difference a few flowers make.
As always, you have such cute doggy pictures!

Nice work! Very purdy indeed! Our yard is a sad state of affairs this year, I'm afraid. I love the nemesis picture!

Nice flowers.

This is a wonderful photograph. I just love it! Panda's face is so expressive.

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