Shoes that hurt with a brand new skirt


It was rainy most of this morning so I thought I'd only have crappy indoor shots to show you.


Or pictures of the piece being blocked


A closeup of the waistband facing might be interesting


But we got a bit of sun and I was able to take some better shots.


With a little help from my friends




Wow, that is really lovely and looks great on you!

Gorgeous skirt, and you look hot hot hot!! (You too, Panda and Thea - very pretty ladies!)

Looks great! I'm generally wary of knitted skirts, but yours looks like the exception to that rule.

I love it! Sort of reminds me of a mermaids tail at the end (in the last picture especially).

It looks WONDERFUL. I admit, I wasn't sure what I thought, watching the medallions appear, but, yeah . . . that looks just fabulous. Love the shoes, too.

Gorgeous! I am in awe.

Just as pretty as I knew it would be! Are you going to sell the pattern for it? I would totally buy. :)

How very lovely. You did a fantastic job! Now, get out of those shoes!!

i've said it once tonight already, but:

Hubba Hubba!

really beautiful. perfect design.

and you look elegant and oh so lovely. just the way a hot shot designer should.

looks like more of the skirt and pups on flickr. I'll go have a look.

Just beautiful. I love the style of the skirt it has the flair of the fashions from the 30's- 40's.

Yay...that looks fabby...well done!

You really work that skirt, it is very flattering on you. Did you make it straight up and down or is there a bit of pencil shaping to it? Either way, congrats!

Very, very flattering. You have just the perfect shaping for it. Wear it with pride and style my dear.

Lovely! Mum asked if you're not a Supermodel already!

Love the first photo where Thea stuck her face into the shot too :)

We think you did very well with the skirt - despite the "accident" mid-way. Turned our really well!

Beautiful! It looks like you're ready to go dancing.

It's gorgeous!! Even better than I imagined!!! I LOVE IT!

Great job!

It's beautiful :) COngrats!

Holy Cow. You look fantastic. If I knit that skirt, will I have that figure? :)

ooh! It's perfect!!! Wowsa, lady, I really love it!

that's a lovely skirt. it looks great on you and i love the puppy face. ha. she's saying, "see this skirt? i helped!"

that's a lovely skirt. it looks great on you and i love the puppy face. ha. she's saying, "see this skirt? i helped!"

Wow Marnie, that skirt is gorgeous!! Somehow in all your earlier pictures, I couldn't grasp the scale of it -- I thought the medallions were tiny little things. But now that I can see how big they are, and how the whole thing comes together, I love it!

absolutely STUNNING!

Marnis your skirt is simply gorgeous! So flattering, so fantastic! I also love the hurty shoes.

Oh it turned out beautifully! Not that I had any doubts, but considering the, um, speedbump along the way - it's just gorgeous! Nice to see Thea posing with a FINISHED skirt this time! ;)

Lovely! It's such a great shape and the texture is amazing!

That skirt looks so beautiful on you! I just adore it! :)

Wow! Absolutely stunning!

Wow! Absolutely stunning!

Wow, that looks gorgeous on you Marnie! Va-va-va-voom! You should be very proud.

Gorgeous! And Thea looks like an aspiring model. She cracks me up.

You are a knitting goddess, truly! I adore it and can only hope one day to be able to produce such a stunning item. I started reading your blog for the craft component, but now I check frequently to see if there are new dog photos! Your black-and-white girls are too much (they remind me of my Tallulah Mae). Knitting and dogs--what more could one ask for?

OMG! I love it! It turned out perfectly!

The skirt looks really terrific! I especially love how it has a slim, tailored look without being clingy - do you suppose that's mostly due to the quality of the yarn (maybe not so springy?) or the stitch pattern (biases of the herringbone?) or the skirt shaping (smart increases/decreases?)?

In any case, it's FABULOUS!

That came out really cute! And I love, love, love your pooches in all the pictures, they seem like such sweeties.

I love the skirt. It has a definite vintage feel. As do the shoes! Who cares if shoes that cute hurt?

love it, looking sexy and pretty in the can sure rock the knits, lady.

Wonderful. Truly wonderful.

How pretty it looks on you! And little Thea making sure she is front and center in every shot she could get into. ;-)

As one overpublicized socialite would say, "That's hot!"

Wow, shake it, Marnie! Now get Leo to take you out dancing. It looks terrific!

Thea. Is Killing Me.

Va-va-vooooom Miss Marnie!

It's just gorgeous! Wonderful job!

Fantastic! I love the crochet and knitting combo! Any chance you'll be publishing the pattern?

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