Stewie is home!


Our car, Stewie, is back home after being in the body shop for over a month. It's good to have him back, and the shop did a really fabulous job, both dealing with the insurance company and repairing the damage.


Thea has been healing up beautifully

a little chilly.jpg

When we give her meds, we wrap them in peanut butter. She finds it both delicious and infuriating, with its tenancy to stick to the roof of her mouth. I find this amusing. I might, possibly, maybe, tend to squish the peanut butter up on the roof of her mouth, maybe, just to make it last a little longer. I might also be a horrible horrible person.

Actually, we've taken her off the sedatives, but we do still give her a little peanut butter just because she loves it so.


Both girls got some extra special treats from Leo.

Both approve...heartily.


However, not to be indelicate, but we have been experiencing a steady flow of eye watering, paint peeling, make a grown person cry level of excess "air" from the little one. I really can't express just how bad it's been. I'm declaring an embargo on all future purchases of this treat. While the rawhide/pork combo appealed to the girls more than almost any treat we've gotten, the consequences have been too brutal to re-live.

Your mileage may vary.


Oh, we heard about peanut butter.

Mum have it every morning with her toast.

I wish Mum lets us try some.

Good to know that Stewie is back in good condition. And the girls look like they are having fun time again!

Glad to have Stewie home in good condition!

We know about peanut butter and what it can do to people (and dog in this case). Mum has her toast with peanut butter every morning. We wish she let us try some...

The way Panda is eating the treat, does looks yummy!

my daughter has that same issue with her roommate's cat & dog. the cat is actually a kitten, and has been eating kitten chow. the dog, who is actually only 7 1/2 months old, snacks on the kitten chow whenever she can get away with it. and it makes both of them REEK. they're trying to find some sort of alternative, so they don't have to wear gasmasks

We also had a rawhide kind of weekend here, and my sons were absolutely delighted with the audible nature of the dogs', well, no way not to be rude so I won't be... totally a guy thing, I guess...

and there really is something funny about dogs with peanut butter, isn't there? So glad to know I'm not the only twisted one out here...

Oh the joys of rawhide! It has been banned from our house since we experience the same "air quality" problems. :)

But yay for healing of both car and puppy!

Watching dogs trying to like the last bit of peanut butter off the roofs of their mouths has been named one of the most popular indoor sports among people who own dogs. :)

And they really can strip the paint off the wall sometimes, can't they???

Welcome back, Stewie!
And yay for Thea's recovery. :)

Glad you got Stewie back! Glad Thea is feeling better! My cat loved peanut butter. She got it once when I was making a sandwitch and begged for it all the time. :)

Thea is just too cute under that blanket! Something tells me she doesn't stay there long, though!

Oh the joys of watching a dog enjoy peanut butter. And no, you're not being mean, you're just putting the PB in a place where everyone can achieve the maximun enjoyment from it. Think of how long it last up there. There's just nothing like that head jerk followed by the smacking sound. My dad's dog, half German Shepherd, half Doberman, we called him a Dob A Shep, but anyway, he always prefered his on a ritz cracker. Made for easier application as well. The cracker fit quite well on two fingers for maximum push up on the roof of the mouth. That way, he could have a snack that lasted HOURS.

Yes, the gas is usually a result from the rawhide goodies. I've learned the hard way, never give them a rawhide treat to occupy them in the car on long road trips.

Much brain damage is thought to have occurred.

Also, reserve them for good weather so windows and doors can be left open.

Doggie "air" - oh dear. Doogles even scares himself with his sometimes. It's too funny. In a gasping for air kind of way, that is. ;) Welcome home, Stewie!

Made me laugh! ;o) You expressed it so accurately, I could smell it (or was it one of my dogs just now?)

We have had similar hilarity due to probiotic paste for a pup we fostered - we have several minutes of video of her doing an anteater impression trying to get it all out of the roof of her mouth. She kept it up for much longer, but we had to stop filming due to laughing too much. And - oh - that 'air'! Kita's contributions are occasionally enough to make your sinuses bleed. Though there is definitely humour too, because they seem to be as much of a surprise to her as they are to us. The little leap of startlement followed by the amazed stare at her own behind never seems to change.

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